Adorable Dogs Growing Up With Their Favorite Stuffed Toys (26 Pics)

Adorable Dogs Growing Up With Their Favorite Stuffed Toys (26 Pics)

  • By Saif
  • November 3, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Do you miss your childhood stuffed toys yet? Well, you are about to.

We evolve out of our childhood like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. Yet sometimes there remains one tangible part of it that can’t be left behind; Stuffed toys! Undoubtedly there can be many other things like a blanket or a pillow yet it is very likely to grow an indescribable affection for your favourite childhood stuffed toy. This unknown affection can be portrayed by dogs too only with a slight manipulation of emotions. According to one theory, female dogs are more prone to growing fondness for a stuffed toy as it triggers their emotions of motherhood. It gives them a feeling of nurturing due to which they can even become extremely possessive for the toys too.

Another research project depicts that stuffed toys trigger the same part of the brain in dogs as does the taste of food or something chewable. Any stuffed toy that resonates utmost soothing sensation will definitely become your dog’s favourite thing for a long, long time! The affection can be strong and vicious but the poor toy surely adapts to dwell on such love.

Keep scrolling towards the end to overwhelm your heart with some of the most cutest moments of dogs with their favourite stuffed toy.

1. “We’re clingy and we love it!”

via ventusandbagel

If this is being clingy then I love ittt

2. “We stay together; pose together!”

via bbflabradors

It seems the puppy wasn’t ready to pose for the camera unless it’s with his bear

3. “You’re my Sunshine, little fella!”

The caption says it all.

4. Hey, who’s cutting onions in here?

via sawyerthegoodboy

I’m not crying, you are crying!

5. “Captured my favourite with his favourite “

via nalalathegolden

Too cuteee!

6. “Cuddles are necessary for a peaceful sleep”

via oscar_boris_pablo

The toy looks suffocated but nap is important.

7. Warm hugs and Cozy sleep

via barleyboy

I wanna nap along these goofballs!

8. “We share space and grins for the camera”

via a_button_called_labs

But why does the pup looks like you’ve asked them to sleep separately?!

9. Friends who nap together stay together!

via ungdee

I too, require a favourite stuffed toy immediately!

10. Say Cheese!!!

via kumothecorgi

The toy to feature along seems very necessary

11. Nap buddies.

via georgialovedog

I’ve never seen a picture that radiates so much coziness.

12. Stuffed toy or Mr.Cuddles?!

via furgiandcharli

The pup is like, “Hey, I’m trying to sleep hooman!”

13. Since childhood till forever!

via georgialovedog

This love story is too much for my emotional heart.

Dogs portraying such human and childish gestures seems like a very rare kind of love. Only science and they themselves can tell what emotional corner of the dog brain these stuffed toys strike to bring out such a heart warming love out of them.

14. Can you guess the vibe here?

via goldenputney

The picture speaks “we don’t care, we just want to sleep” and that is such a vibe

15. Some snuggles and lots of fondness

via oscar_boris_pablo

This kind of love is so special.

16. An eye to eye connection!

via halleyandcomet

“Hey, stop it. You are freaking me out.”

17. A visit to dreamland with his favourite

via golden.named.winston

The duck is being forced to nap but that’s okay, I guess?

18. “Pose for the camera with me!”

via fibi.the.gsd

The toy wouldn’t listen though

19. A warm hug by Izzie the Australian shepherd for her teddy

via mac_is_crack

The hug is too protective & it’s kind of emotional.

20. “Stuffy, puffy cuddles”

via georgialovedog

The toy reciprocating the hug and affection is too cute

21. “No concerns with the world, we just want to nap!”

via barleyboy

I’m joining you guys too.

22. These snuggles are too overwhelming.

via georgialovedog

So much serenity and love

23. A vicious love story!

via moosethecorgo

The toy seems to be stunned by this love expressed with fangs.

24. “My dog probably loves the toy more than me…”

via mostly.mosby

The love seems a bit forceful though. Oops!

25. “Awwdorable moments of my pet”

via bbflabradors

That little hug is making my heart so weak…

26. “These two having a moment!”

via koobathewhitelab

Oh my!! Cutest thing I’ve seen today…

We have reached the end and it would be fair to say that these sweet moments outpours the heart with happiness and warmth that is really soothing, isn’t it? Dogs truly know how to hit an emotional nerve of humans. It explains a lot why these pets are so much loved and adored. If these raw gestures caught by the camera brought a smile to your face, drop a comment below!

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