Artist Hilariously Explains Dog Breeds That Might Help You Choose Your Next Dog

Artist Hilariously Explains Dog Breeds That Might Help You Choose Your Next Dog

  • By Saif
  • September 24, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Not being able to decide which dog breed should you opt for? Let us help you out!

Just like us, dogs are different too. Diversity in all the creatures makes this life interesting. Imagine all of us being the same, with the same characteristics and features! That would be extremely dull. Our differences make us special and unique and we should celebrate them. Now the pets you own or want to own should have characteristics you can blend with or are compatible with your personality. Different breeds in dogs are of great help as people have a lot of choice on what type of dog they will pet.

It’s always better to educate yourself on different breeds of dogs and decide which breed’s characteristics go with your personality and resources. This job can be tiresome or even dull for you, but it is important that you opt for the right breed. We understand that it is a lot of work and most of us would be just like, it’s just a dog let’s just get it but NO, that’s not the way to do it. Considering the fact how lazy can we get, thankfully an artist named Grace has made this research fun. How? She made comics about each breed and explained their characteristics briefly and innovatively!

Scroll down and educate yourself on different breeds of dogs!

Grace with her doggo. We are not sure about this breed. Maybe after going through this post we will be able to answer this question!

1. They disregard because they are smart!

Motto: “Don’t let hoomans dictate our lives”

2. Don’t let their anger fool you, they are the sweetest and most forgiving!

Those folds are so adorbalee!

3. Bipolar dogs. Either they are too calm or too anxious. We never know!

4. The clingy dogs! These huge doggos are sweethearts at heart!

Sadly, their drools are clingy too!

5. Don’t get fooled by their sweet and innocent looks!

They are gorgeous though!

6. If you prefer to sleep over everything but still want a pet. Get yourself these because they are ALWAYS sleeping as well!

Get yourself a sleeping partner!

7. If you are obsessed with clouds, this is a perfect choice!

Fluffy clouds! What dreams are made of!

8. Some of us can totally relate with this breed a lil too much! It’s scary!

But boxers are absolute sweethearts!

9. We will be biased but we love this breed! Absolute gems! We would pet them every second!

They got some music preference too!

10. These hyperactive beasts are afraid of leaves! Never knew leavers were that deadly!

Energy level= Infinite

11. These love-hungry doggos are stinky but who cares about that when they are that adorable!

John, a Sh:h Tzu owner, had to say this about its favourite breed, “In my seventy-plus years, I have always been a dog lover/owner. Big dogs, medium dogs, and small ones. But when I got my first shih-tzu I’ve never looked back since. They’re very energetic, love kids, easy to hold, and the most expensive part to them is the grooming every 6-7 weeks.

They don’t eat a lot, and best of all, they don’t leave big piles that need cleaning up. Oh, and they look like hairy little children, in need of affection.

I love my CharlieK. Period!”

12. These fitness freaks don’t appreciate laziness and are always on a go!

They’d rather be outside than stay in!

Told ya this would be a lot more fun! We have learnt so much about these dogs and are so excited to learn more! We were never this eager about learning ever, hehe. If you feel the same way, don’t stop and just keep on scrolling!

13. If you love Labs, you can choose from three personality flavours!

We love diversity and appreciate all of their different traits! (Black Labs are our fav)

14. These sweet beasts love only their hooman but are too cool to listen to them!

Also, guys, they are not scary. Just some haters spreading rumours!

15. Gotta sue all these films for defamation!

These giants are even scared of their own reflection!

16. Two extremes of the scale!

They don’t know the concept of grey!

17. Great Danes are not so great when it comes to trying hard not to do a certain thing!

But in their defence, they are adorable!

18. If being indecisive had a face!

Heart wants, what it wants, but it wants something different every 2 seconds!

19. It’s okay to be not that smart when you are that loving!

These idiots are too precious to be true!

20. They will do you dirty if it benefits them!

Those puppy eyes always work their magic!

21. Running is their coping mechanism!

If running away from life, then we can relate!

22. This fur-shedder is too loyal for words!

We’d get ourselves an Akita because loyalty is rare!

23. We hope not. But if they wish to be tall, who can stop them!

Those drooping ears have our heart!

24. These hyperactive mops always keep you on your feet!

If only they’d stop jumping all the time!

Yes, we have sadly reached the end! But wasn’t this whole learning experience too exciting and funny? Guess some teachers should take a few tips from Grace when teaching their courses! Comics always grab our attention and will continue to do so even when we will be 70 and shaky! They cater to our inner child! And it’s good to relive the light-hearted aspects of our childhood sometimes. These comics were very informative and accurate in their depiction of different breeds of dogs. Hopefully, it helped you decide which doggo is perfect for you! If you have a family or friends who are confused which dog will be their perfect companion, help them out by sharing this post with them!





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