30 Dog Moms That Are Tired Of Their Puppies & It Shows On Their Face

  • By Saif
  • September 24, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Being parents is perhaps the most amazing feeling ever and the biggest achievement in this world. But this achievement comes with a lot of responsibilities that can be and often are overwhelming for the new parents. The responsibility to feed, take care and keep them safe gets too much at times, well,  most of the times. Parents have to learn to sacrifice their sleep, their usual routines and have to stop prioritizing themselves when these mini versions of them enter their lives! They gradually learn to adjust into this new reality but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get exhausting. They yearn for days off from this all-day job and are often found day-dreaming about it while doing their parent-chores

But have you ever thought about how animal parents-especially dog parents, deal with their newborns? Because today we are going to have a look at doggo-mommas doing their jobs and being exhausted! Doggo-papas often are absent father-figures, not a surprise there. So these super dog-moms have to manage all by themselves. Their expressions are hilarious and priceless as they deal with their mini pup’s annoying behaviours and never-ending feeding demands! Scroll down to witness these dog-moms managing their lil pups!

1. This dog-momma didn’t know the role of mother included being a pillow to your pups!


Momma just wants to sleep peacefully! Seems impossible tho.

2. This momma is drained- literally!


She needs a break so bad!

3. The tired look in this dog-momma’s eyes is haunting us!

Having 11 mini-you’s can get to you sometimes (read: Always)

4. “For the last time, you can not go out!”


It’s hard when you have stubborn kids!

5. When you get so used to being a mom that you start momm-ing even the kittens!



6. This tired momma napping during the playtime!


The pup is trying its best to annoy his momma.

7. “I have explained them so many times they can’t have milk anywhere”

Via Mariela Snow

Poor momma’s tired of her deviant pups!

8. This doggo-momma is finding her escape in hooman’s lap from her naughty pup!


9. “Momma, can I boop your nose for the hundredth time?”- lil pup

Poor momma dealing with pup’s fixation with booping!

10. Looks like mama is waiting for this nightmare to get over!

“Thank God, I am not their pillow for today!” Sshh, don’t tell these babies where their momma is!

11. This mommy doggo had enough!

Boxing them up to catch a breath

12. Wonder what has she seen. Ghost or just her evil kids?

This momma is legit terrified!

13. No one said it’d be easy BUT no one ever said it’d be this hard!!

Where is the undo button..

14. Daddy trynna make this about himself!

Attention seeking 101!

15. Parade or a walk? Can’t tell anymore!

Too many and too adorable to handle!

Told you it’s hilarious! Don’t worry this is not the end. We are just here to tell you there are more hilarious and exhausted dog-moms in this post! And their expressions will surely make your day! So don’t waste your time and scroll away!

16. It’d be fun they said.. they lied!!

sleep-deprived mommy alert!

17. Six can be a handful to handle and milk!

“Not even my kids but well, I’m a mom!”

18. “Give me a break, son!”


19. Copy-dogs!! Caught in action!

Dozing off in 1..2…3!

20. Sleeping kids are such a blessing!

The relief on doggo-momma’s face is unreal!

21. Questioning major life decisions like..

real close to having a mental breakdown it seems!

22. Hide and seek?! This doggo knows how to escape!

As a mother, you have to hide in order to nap!


I want out!!

24. “Wish i could hire a nanny!”

It’s not a one-dog job!!

25. These doggo-momma doesn’t know to deal with this new reality!

You’ll get used to it, momma!

26. Mommy’s time to shine!

kiddos, will bail you out soon (not)

27. Like that lil guy on top couldn’t find a better place to sleep..

Stay still or it will fall and then annoy!

28. When things get out of hands.. you box them!

parenting 101

29. This doggo momma has clearly given up!

She’s too tired to react anymore

30. Seems like this pup has few tricks up his sleeves to annoy his momma!


Poor momma doesn’t know what’s coming for her!

31. Can you spot the spotss?!

Sea of dots. This momma looks terrified!

The exhausted dog-moms post ends here! We know you were enjoying these adorable new-parents dealing with their pups a little too much. We don’t blame you, we are guilty of doing the same thing! While we are sad for the poor dog-moms bearing all the burden of parenthood, it’s equally heartwarming! Dogs and their pups doing silly things in one frame can never fail to melt your heart and make you go all ‘AWW’. Hoomans should lend a hand and babysit those pups! If this post made you laugh, share it with your family and friends!

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