25 Funniest Photos Of Huskies Being Huskies That Prove They’re Biggest Weirdos

  • By Hashir
  • June 15, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Huskies are very smart dogs. Warm welcoming and very outgoing. They enjoy engaging in physical activities just like any other dog breed. With an inborn sense of adventure, these dogs are very curious and alert. They tend to explore and get into things to solve mysteries. Huskies like making friends with both humans and other dogs. This breed is not a typically silly breed like others. They have a silly level of their own.

Huskies are full of surprises. They crack us up with their goofy actions and absolutely weird expressions. Here are 25 hilarious photos of huskies just goofing around and being weird. No matter what they do, we still love them. Scroll down and check it out.

Meet the husky that was raised by cats.

Credits: Dong_of_justice

This is Tally and she was raised by cats. Now she thinks she’s a cat herself.

“Can I get that pocket too, please? Pretty please?”

This is his reaction to seeing kangaroo for the first time. Dramatic, yet adorable.

So much diversity in one picture.

Credits: r_gavin09

“My Sister’s Husky Ran Out Of Ink While Giving Birth.”

“Ha ha. Very funny. See, I can’t control my laughter.”

Credits: Husky Anuko

“Mum Pretended To Throw A Ball And Caught The Exact Moment I Realised She Had Betrayed Me. She Found This Very Funny Indeed”

Huskies are extremely expressive. You give them something different for dinner that tastes funny, they’ll make this weird face that will give you a sudden burst of laughter. Since Huskies are a pack dog, they enjoy the company. You can bring home a new puppy and they wouldn’t mind and instead would enjoy the company. Same is the case with a baby. When you bring home a newborn, they will get excited and try bonding with them. However, it is strictly advised that you do not leave the baby alone with this breed.

“Now, I understand why cats like doing that. I can see everything.”

“Why am I here?”

Credits: MaedayMaeday

This one got a new sister and she’s annoying.

“Look, mommy… A STICK!”


That single paw print is like, “good boy was here.”

Credits: bobbyinavolvo

“A Family Went To Movie For 3 Hrs Came Back To This That One Paw Print On The Bed: “Wait, I’m Not Allowed On The Bed. I’m Such A Good Boy”

“You tried to replace me?!” *Plots revenge.*

Credits: BrennanSchulze

This breed is very intelligent and is a quick learner. However, training them can be a challenge. Huskies are pack dogs, they’re more inclined towards testing your boundaries and questioning your leadership. If they are not physically challenged enough, they can be catastrophic. They need to exercise. For training your husky, you need to understand its temperament first.

Love is in the air.

Credits: vinkulelu

“We made no mess, we swear!”

Credits: Portera2767

This one’s got some special talents.

Credits: maruhusky

“Hi! Do you have snacks?! We just moved in next door.”

Credits: chefwilliamtaylor

Select dog → object → rotate → counterclockwise.

Credits: MrGrieves787

Looks like he just peed on the new carpet. Zero regrets.

Credits: IManLiquid

This doggo isn’t assembled right.

Credits: HellBetty42

“Look away, Lulu. Look away.”

Credits: RWails

“My Girlfriend’s Dog When Someone’s At The Door”

Just hoping they aren’t playing Jumanji.

“You don’t mess with a cat!! EVER…”

Credits: steel_sky

“I thought we had something special!”

Credits: waxiestapple

“I Think My Dog Just Died A Little Bit On The Inside When I Didn’t Give Her The Last Bite Of My Burger”

Checking out the cute poodle on the other boat.


When you go drinking with the squad.


*Watches Jungle Book Once.*

When you open a bag of chips in class.

He’s a bathroom stalker…

Credits: JarrodAlonge

“This Husky Appeared While I Was Pooping In A Public Restroom. It Stared At Me For A Few Seconds And Then Ran Away”

They’re goofy but still melt our hearts and warm our homes with affection and waves of laughter. We love our four-legged bundles of joy. 25 photos and 25 different captivating actions of huskies. We are overjoyed. What about you? Let us know what’s your take on them and also share with us heartwarming, rib-tickling stories of your huskies in the comments below!

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