18 Adorable Interspecies Friendships That Will Make Your Day

Before you proceed, We feel like it’s necessary for us to warn you regarding what you’re about to see. You are about to come face to face with extreme cuteness. Are you ready for it? Because we have found some cute AF pictures and videos of interspecies friendships, for you.
These pictures and videos are not just going to make you smile, they are going to make your heart skip a beat. But the good thing is, these will surely make your day. And God knows how badly we need it during these times.

So, without keeping you waiting any longer, here are those adorable AF friendships we were talking about:

1. Dog: “hey do you need a face massage?”
Horse: “Yes please! Right here, that’s the spot”


2. “I guess I’m a cat bed meow”

You just know that the donkey is going to be there whenever the cat needs a shoulder to cry on or… a bed to rest on.

3. “Big Bird and Snuffleupagus IRL”

Just look at that smile! #CuddleBuddiesForLife

4. “Mama cat had kittens and found a baby possum around that must have fallen off of its own mom. She took it in as one of hers, and doesn’t understand why this little funny kitten hangs on her all the time. Be more like her and take care of one another during these hard times.”

Okay! I can’t contain my emotions anymore. I just can’t! Look at it just hanging on the cat. My heart is going to explode!!!

5. “Try weaseling your way out of this”


I think the cat has just given up at this point.

6. “See that squirrel? That is our common enemy.”

True friendship does exist!

7. “Do you like my new hat? It’s made of real feathers.”

Gentle Giant.

8. “I ain’t got friends, I GOT FAMILY”

They’d do anything for each other. You just know!

9. “Oh yeah, that’s the stuff right there. Keep doing that and don’t stop.”

What you truly need after a very long and hard day of doing absolutely nothing at all.

10. Babies tire easily!

What an unexpected duo, though.

Are you still with us? Well, good! Because we’ve got more. Don’t you think these are just way too cute to handle? Keep scrolling for more adorable duos!

11. “When the party invite calls for formalwear. #tuxedogoals”

Milk Dud meets Olivers, our farm cat! The best of friends.
byu/anneofalltrades inMilkDud

Hey! come on cat, we’ve still got so many miles’ left

12. “Good at quarantine, terrible at social distancing. Oh well, everybunny has their shortcomings.”

Doggo and bunny

Well, not that the doggo is complaining. They love cuddles!

13. There, there!

Just stopping by for some hugs.

14. True companionship

Because no matter what shape, size or even species they may be, they’ll always be each other’s best friends forever!

15. Shh, someone’s asleep.

Lizard: “Would you mind if I just rest here for a while?”
Cat: *yawns*

16. Smile for the camera

They only think keeping them apart is the glass. Otherwise it would’ve been cuddles and cuddles for days!

17. “One of these things is not like the other”

Poor baby just wants to play and fit in!

18. Peekaboo!

Ducky #1: “Hey! Look at my headrest”
Doggo and Ducky #2: *We are not amused*

Sadly, we have reached the end. Wanna see some more of these adorable pictures? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to mention your reaction! And If you have any cute pictures of such unexpected duos, please do share with us!

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