Hilarious AF Medley Of Animals Being Jerks

Hilarious AF Medley Of Animals Being Jerks

Pets are our favorite creatures in the whole world. We all talk about how smol, adorable and precious they are all the time but rarely do we ever talk about their evil side. It’s evil in an adorable and funny way, don’t worry we don’t endorse evilness, hehe. But this side is always neglected when we are talking about our prized possessions! These smol babies can be mean, petty and can sabotage many things when they are on their evil spree! Some of these sprees end quickly while others take some time to end!

It can be a nuisance for the owners but they always end up melting over these joyful sights of tiny monsters destroying the house! Some of these owners took it upon themselves to capture the jerky moments of their pets and shared it on internet with the rest of us and we could not help ourselves but laugh out loud! These pictures and videos are hilarious AF, you don’t believe us? Scroll down to see these animals being jerks for yourself!

1.This kitty got a very valid reason for doing this and that reason is (Refer to the picture)

Via u/seeebwo

Such a mood

2. Puddy is a very comfortable sofa in Iggy’s defense!

Via u/lateralus1075

“Iggy’s been doing this shit to Puddy since 2007.”

3. Look at this clever thief making its way into the treasure box of pizza!

Via u/raijin90

We would steal pizza as well. We get you, kitty!

4. “Finally I get the chance of getting back at hooman for not giving me enough attention!”

Via  u/Pedrica1

Revenge is a dish best served paw-ed!

5. Look at this tiny burglar in action! ROFL

Via u/R8er-Fan

How stealthily she is trying to move about! Sshh

6. Doggo’s comfort is more important than hooman’s sleep!

Via u/JJaySmokes

What did hooman do to get this treatment?

7. What’s the big deal you just have run across all the keys!

Via u/shulkererv2

Kitty showing how its done right!

8. This kitty is like, “You make a fuss about me shitting around, I won’t let you take a dump in peace now”

Via u/Bite_The_Wax_Tadpole

Petty kitty alert!

9. This kitty is helping his lazy hooman to be more active!

Via u/zennizot

Kitty is disappointed that hooman is still snapchatting about it!

10. Kiss you? No, I eat you!

Via u/Esoteric_art

Wild love!

11. This doggo has invaded the lil ducky’s pool-home!

Cat - Dog

And he won’t just get out!

12. How to steal 101: Pretend to be asleep and then ATTACK!

Cat - Food

Such a pro!

Are you laughing? Because we definitely are – a little too much than we should. But you get us, right? It’s too funny seeing these animals being naughty babies! Don’t worry this is not the end, we have many more of these for y’all in the stock!

13. Woah this could have actually gone out of hands kitty!

We are still glad that we get to laugh about it!

14. He presented his hooman with a new doggo-furr-plant after destroying the leafy one!

That was smart!

15. You snatch my cup from me? I attack you, hooman!

Run for your life!

16. Because its always fun to snatch the carrot from Mr Nibbles than taking the free carrot!

Such a jerk!

17. Whap happens when you have to cats fighting for undivided attention!

Bad kitties! Jk, so adorable!

18. When we don’t realize our actions can have consequences!

Just run from the scene!

19. Smol kitty is like, ‘But what did I do to deserve this!”

The smol kitty is heartbroken that this all the milk she will get!

20. OOFF! We can feel the pain!

This cat is such a savage

21. Let me have another bed! What’s the big deal!

How selfish!

We have come to an end of this notorious post of animals being jerks! We absolutely enjoyed sitting in front of our screens and laughing like crazy idiots! Because these tiny idiots looked so adorable being little monsters and creating a havoc! This side of animals being jerks was definitely such a delight for us! Hopefully you enjoyed this as much as we did! Let us know in the comments section below if you would like more of such posts! Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends to make them laugh!

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