20 Animals With Unique Fur Markings And Were Born With Masks

  • By Saif
  • June 8, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Who says, heroes are the only ones who have to wear masks!?

Have you ever seen a bat-cat or a dog who appears to just have robbed a bank with his buddies? In the world of animals, there are certain types of animals who seem to be wearing special masks and it is an undeniable fact that everybody is bound to get intrigued by it. Not like they are actually wearing them, they are just born with it naturally, and the masks which they appear to be wearing are likely to fill their particular needs, for example, assurance, custom, amusement and can even impersonate other animals. Not like you wouldn’t notice their cute silly disguise but it just makes them look super adorable! Besides, these masks can make them remarkably enchanting in the animal world. Although these masks certainly won’t help them with social distancing during this time of a pandemic, they are still gonna have to buy those extra pair of masks.

However, we have gathered up a few pictures of certain animals which were born with captivating masks! Have a look at them below.

1. Look at those extra pair of eyes!

2. Did you forget to take off your mask after the robbery?

3. Does this little guy with glasses belong to Hogwarts?

4. Is that a metal band or something?

5. Let’s put a smile on that face. Yep, we know who it is!

6. Batman, is that you?

7. That’s an adorable combination!

8. Great moustache you got there, Mr Rabbit!

9. Oh, would you look at those eyebrows! Are you trying to compete “The Rock”?

10. That’s a nice sweater, Miss Daisy.

11. Wait… is that an angel of death drawn on his face?

12. Which scrub did you use today, Mr Horsie?

13. That is a very fierce look!

14. Didn’t know foxes were into mascaras.

15. Seems like one of those little kids who would fill up their face with ink or put markers on their face.

16. You have got to be kidding me! A bat-cat!?

17. Hello there, captain! That’s a nice eye patch you got there!

18. Nice glasses, grandpa!

19. Is that like a mask of Zorro?

20. This cutie reminded me of the movie 101 dalmatians!



Sadly the show of cuteness has ended for now. We will continue to find more masked animals to entertain you guys because we know for a fact that you enjoyed it! Still, we would like to find out what did you think about these cute masked animals? Since every mind has its own capability to percept things and we are pretty sure that you must have perceived these masks in your own unique imagination, we would definitely like to know your views! So, what masks do they seem to be wearing according to your creative minds? Describe your imaginations in the comments section below!

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