These People Just Realized How Evil Their Cat Is

These People Just Realized How Evil Their Cat Is

  • By Asad
  • August 9, 2020
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This is the story of Christopher Ingraham, a Washington Post reporter, who Tweeted a picture of his cat who had figured out something clever. See, animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for, especially cats. Cats tend to be somewhat overlooked in regards to their cleverness because they tend to mind their own business. Dogs are known to be intelligent because they’re constantly trying to get the approval of their owners. Rats are known to be intelligent because they’re used to mimic human behaviour in experiments.

So, back to the topic at hand. Christopher posted a picture of his cat figuring out that the best way to wake up everyone in the house is to keep barging into the toddler’s house, waking him up, and then waiting while he goes to wake everyone else up. He described it as “The World’s Worst Cat” behaviour, and everyone followed suit, and described their own cat doing these kinds of things, much to the amusement of everyone on Twitter and Facebook.

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#1 World’s Worst Cat

Purina talks about how smart cats are!

It turns out that cats have a brain structure that’s similar to other intelligent animals, including humans. It may come as a surprise to learn that your little cat’s brain structure is about 90 percent similar to yours! And according to Psychology Today, a cat’s cerebral cortex – where rational decision making and complex problem solving takes place – has around 300 million neurons. The cerebral cortex is involved in the planning of action, overall interpretation of language and is also responsible for storing both short- and long-term memory, which is why your cat tends to learn by doing rather than seeing. Not only that, but cats also possess more nerve cells in the visual areas of their brain than humans and most other mammals.

#2 The two-year-old

#3 Mario

#4 Chandler

#5 Boyfriend cats

#6 Laundry peeing

#7 Aaron Purr

Most people claim that the top three smartest cat breeds are Abyssinians, Siamese and Bengals. But this is because cat intelligence is usually ranked on sociability and willingness to interact with owners. Abyssinians, Siamese and Bengals are all incredibly social breeds that are happiest when they’re interacting and playing with their owners. They can even be taught to perform tricks!

#8 Pro Wrestler

#9 Sam

#10 Thing

#11 Flipped Latch

#12 Cold stare

#13 Mama cat

#14 Evil cat

But it’s not all about breed when considering how smart cats are, as a little tabby cat named Nora can actually play the piano! Apparently, she was never actually taught how to play the piano as a trick and instead picked it up by herself because her owner teaches piano at their home, so she learned through imitating them. She’s been playing the piano since she was a year old and was the only cat out of six in the home that decided to pick it up. How’s that for cat intelligence?

#15 Chewy

#16 Chuck

#17 Six month old Harley

#18 Comfort

#19 Fishhooking

#20 Smashed TV

According to research into animal intelligence, dogs are generally seen as the smarter of the two due to the fact that they’re much more trainable. Dogs have been domesticated for longer than cats and seem to be more sociable and willing to please humans, which is why they’ve been successful at various tasks such as guiding the blind, search and rescue and for police work.

#21 Ten years

#22 Baby

#23 Human knocking

#24 Loveable monster

#25 Mr baps

#26 Christmas Tree

#27 Full night’s rest

#28 Peeing

#29 Bedclothes

#30 Daily wakeups

#31 Cat-sitting

But that’s only one way to measure intelligence. Cats can be viewed as more intelligent due to their unwillingness to follow humans and participate in studies, as they have their own mind and refuse to participate in meaningless tasks simply to please their owners. Additionally, where many may believe that the reason cats ignore them is because they can’t understand you, it’s actually due to the fact that cats don’t feel the need to acknowledge you as much as dogs do. As Literature Professor Mary Bly said, “Dogs come when they’re called; cats take a message and get back to you.”

#32 Horrible Henry

What about you? Does this remind you of the behaviour your cat has? Tell us in the comments!


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