50 Kittens That Are ‘Illegally Smol’ And Hard To Find In Their Own House

50 Kittens That Are ‘Illegally Smol’ And Hard To Find In Their Own House

  • By Saif
  • August 3, 2021
  • 8 minutes read

Tiny cats are so adorable. One of the reasons why this may be the fact is that they remind us of baby kittens. No one can ignore the big eyes, small body, and playful personality of a kitten. They melt the hearts of anyone that they come in contact with and are considered so small that it is illegal. They are so small that they appear mere shadows in a corner or literal fleck of dust. For this reason, they are termed as criminals because let’s just face it, who the heck is that beautiful?

Today, we’re here with some pictures from a subreddit called Illegally Smol Cats, and it has 391,000 members sharing cute pictures of tiny kittens. “It should be illegal to be that adorable,” the online community writes in its description which we totally agree with. These small but mighty kittens are so adorable they will send your socks flying out of the window. The pictures show tiny kittens making us go ‘aww’ at every one of them. Continue scrolling, see for yourself, and thank us later!

1. Is that a Skookum?

Via Acyke

2. Illegally smol and illegally cute

Via razzor6922

“Yup, it sure is, attitude and everything” – Znaya

3. These are cops not kittens

Via JP20021

“You’re not allowed to move your feet anymore and now have to keep standing there. They’re secretly cops or work for cops and successfully detained you” – Night Owl

4. Kitten in a napkin hat!

Via Briquetto

“Please help me down from table, I must harvest potatoes for the Motherland’s vodka production” – Julia Atkinson

5. She just discovered she has feet

Via My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

“Oh, I wonder what these do :)” – Znaya

6. Meet Leo!

Via m_harvey003

“Leo is so neat! You know when Leo is older he will be a neat sitter. All paws perfectly aligned, all in the right position with a big floofy tail wrapped perfectly around them. He’ll have big expectant eyes, proud cheeks and an explosion of whiskers.” – Moo Moo Futch

7. World’s cutest boss!

Via ceelodan

“And we give the the Boss everything the Boss wants” – Znaya

8. The couch belongs to him now

Via reddit.com

“there’s no room to sit anymore!” – Graham Baker

9. Matched set, very cute!

Via killerbunnyfamily

“It appears there were doing some electrical work.” – Rebekah

10. Small version of an early warning system,  maybe?

Via mandaeffect

“Guardian of his galaxy” – Suzy the observer

11. Oh my eyes! Little Criminal!

Via reddit.com

“Looks like someone is about to be attackled.” – uber mensch

12. Death by cuteness!

Via AwwCatsDotCom

“warning, do not look, you will melt of cuteness.” – Esra Fadlelmula

13. Feetsieless!

Via younghulk46

“That’s less a loaf and more of a bun.” – Katherine Heasley

14. Iz xhausted. I had to snoopervise him ALL day!

Via YoloForJesusHChrist

“If that isn’t the best advertisement for a business then I don’t know what is!” – Moo Moo Futch

15. Tiny hacker is watching y’all!

Via deadchi

16. Baby man!

Via reddit.com

“He is a very cute Smol Boi” – Znaya

17. He’s upset!

Via RobLjung

“Listen, Martha, could we skip the lecture about drinking too much and get to the part where you bring me a cup of coffee and a bottle of aspirin?” – Hilary Mol

18. You gonna be my hooman. Get used to it!

Via Sherlockhomey

19. Are you gonna report me to the pawthorities, hooman?

Via Anam_Cara

“I will never turn her in I would be a willing accomplice to whatever she wants” – Znaya

20. Lethal weapon

Via kai-ote

“Hands up! no-carrying this fluffball”- Laila Hernandez

21. Kitty on the toilet!

Via bigabigabigabiga

“…and then shreds your toilet paper” – Julia Atkinson

22. Literally A Bean

Via BunnyBunBunHoney

23. Arrest me meowww

Via liefieblue

“Oh no not that face, I’m done :)” – Znaya

24. He’s angry!

Via kristioppa

“Ain’t nothin colder than the cold shoulder of a little kitty… nothin!” – Leslie K Von Dell

25. Criminal spotted with sidekick

Via goddamnimtrash

“I shall call him, Mini Me.” – Raven Sheridan

The subreddit Illegally Smol Cats was created in August 2019 and it has millions upon millions of smol kitten pictures that are sure to impress you.

Kittens have a very fast and rapid period of growth in their first few weeks of life. Their bodies also develop very quickly as compared to other animal babies. They are born with the eyes and ears closed. They cannot walk but they crawl on their tummies and rely on their developing sense of smell to find Mum and feed on them. By 2 weeks of age, the kitten’s eyes have opened and they can see the world with their criminal eyes lol.

26. Mini and micro mini

Via spinsewz

“We definitely needed to see that” – Aroace tiger

27. Better than a samsung?

Via crowmami

“I would be happy with this scam” – Bloxmakesgames2019

28. Fear me!

Via willowwrenwild

“teefies” – Eric Trahan

29. Techno kitty!

Via isawken

“Anything coming from a sweetie like that is of the utmost importance.” – E Menendez

30. Kitty and her minions!

Via AwwCatsDotCom

“Go forth my minions, let our reign of terror begin!” – Raven Sheridan

31. So adorable!

Via iwhattheduck

“what does it say hooman, am i chonk?” – Julius Martin

32. Smol but takes the whole bed

Via mountainoat

33. Princess criminals

Via sfogliatele

“the wonder in the smol eyes” – Hehehehehehehehe (ve/ver)

34. Soon to be detained!

Via lumidaye

“tiny adorable kitty: I am not guilty <3 Judge: Ok i believe u ^^” – Laila Hernandez

35. Battery kitty!

Via whoooomst

“Ahhh….the magical brick of warmth! Keep my beans nice and toasty.” – Raven Sheridan

36. Purrlpool!

Via killerbunnyfamily

37. Facemask kitty!

Via ATJWen

38. I would be an accomplice to anything!

Via landamiaw

“through the earth and among the stars, this is the cutest kitten by far.” – No One

39. Look at those huge eyes!

Via ceelodan

“Watcha doooooo-ing?” – Lis Daglish

40. Trying to escape!

Via cualcrees

“Next stage: storming the Capitol and insisting that the world is flat” – Julia Atkinson

40. From Illegally Smol To Absolute Units

Via reddit.com

42. Can I go back to sleep?

Via CatFeeds

“It’s morning? Seriously? I think I slept too fast.” – tw 72

43. Suspect Attempted Camouflage

Via Failuresandwich

“So cute it’s sickening!” – Raven Sheridan

44. Subatomic level in size

Via so-this-is-college

45. I want to pick him up and snuggle him!

Via dom_bul

46. A bad-ass rapper!

Via tamikills

“Future Grumpy Cat” – Raven Sheridan

47. I request your assistance hooman!

Via britneydiane

48. Best place in the world!

Via iliaspro

“This encapsulates motherhood in one picture..” – El Dee

49. The horror!

Via /Beaver1BeaverAll

50. Soot sprites!

Via SqueezeBunny

“Soot Sprite!!!! That is so precious that I squeeeeed myself!” – Moo Moo Futch

So the list of criminal kittens comes to an end here. We hope they made your day because our day is definitely made through these pictures! Do you have a smol kitten at home? What is its name and how did you adopt him? Comment below with your answer and let us in on the loop.

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