9 Signs That Show Your Cat Truly Loves You

9 Signs That Show Your Cat Truly Loves You

  • By Sara
  • June 22, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats seem to be emotionally unavailable to us most of the time.

If you hold them in your arms to cuddle with them, they’ll wrestle out of there. If you rub their belly they’ll scratch the skin off your hand. They only come to you when they’re hungry or sleepy. So they usually seem like they are incapable of loving humans. However, that is not true. They actually do love us and show us a lot of emotions.

We usually can’t tell, but they are showing us affection through a lot of ways. These actions go unnoticed because they are a part of their everyday shenanigans. So, we’re here to help you understand your kitty by decoding the meaning behind their actions. If your feline friend does any of these, take it as a hint that they love you. Below are 9 important signs that show your cat truly loves you:

1. Play biting.

Gnawing on someone’s skin is usually taken in a bad sense, however, felines are somewhat unique in this case. When your cat bites you without harming you, she is showing her fondness of you. These are entirely different from fighting and attacking bites, the sentiments behind these nibbles are different. Love biting is a cute, entertaining little idiosyncrasy of adorable felines.

2. Following you around.

Many pet guardians may think that it’s odd that their felines tail them wherever they go, even directly into the washroom! In any case, this action implies your cat needs to invest more time with you. A kitty that appreciates your company and feels good around you will pursue you around the house and will be found near your legs at all times. She simply needs you to realize that she considers you to be an extraordinary friend. For those of you that are attempting to complete work around the house and your feline makes it difficult to do as such, she’s simply revealing to you that she’s a higher priority than everything else you’re doing and it’s an ideal opportunity to give her some attention.

3. Kneading.

When kittens are being nursed, they knead their mother. This conduct is the demonstration of her doing a little walk on your leg, and it converts into showing affection in grown-up life. When your feline kneads you, she’s being obvious that you cause her to feel adored and loved. Massaging is presumably one of the most notable ways felines show love, and it’s unquestionably not a myth. It is a fact.

4.Twitching the tip of their tail

Cats use their tail as a means of communication. They display their feelings through their tails. It is used to show feelings of aggression, curiosity, fear, and love. If your cat quivers the tip of their tail when you talk to them, it means that they are happy to see you.

5. Purring around you.

Purring is probably the most intense way a feline shows its affection. Despite the fact that there are times felines purr when they’re scared, it is uncommon for them to do that. Generally, your cat is purring since she’s glad to see you. The more your feline purrs, the better!

6. Making eye contact and blinking.

According to WebMD Pets, “In the feline world, closing one’s eyes in the presence of another is the ultimate sign of trust.”  Eye to eye connection is a means for cats to communicate with you. Sometimes they will stare at you to say that this is their territory. However, they will also gaze when they want to show love and affection. If they slowly blink while looking at you, it is their way of saying “I love you.”

7. Bringing you gifts.

If you wake up next to a dead mouse on your pillow, consider yourself lucky. Cats don’t just bring presents to anyone. As they are natural hunters, they gift their “meals” to people they care for. You might not want to touch that dead rat, yet you must remember that she has good intentions and this conduct truly is an indication that she loves you.

8. They will present their tummy to you.

If you own a cat, you must know that they hate having their tummy touched. They think they are vulnerable if their tummy is exposed. So if your cat flashes you it’s tummy, it means that she trusts you and loves you.

9. Head butts.

One of the most charming practices of felines is the point at which they head butt you and rub into your body. In addition to the fact that it is adorable to watch, it’s a certain sign that your feline loves and cares about you. By rubbing itself on you, it is actually marking its territory with its scent, says Vetstreet. So now, you belong to your cat.

Does your cat do any of these things? How else does your feline friend show its affection towards you? Let us know in the comments below!

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