34 Of The World’s Most Rare Types Of Pigeons That Are Too Majestic

34 Of The World’s Most Rare Types Of Pigeons That Are Too Majestic

We all like to think we know about pigeons. I mean, they are fairly common and can be seen literally everywhere! But boy are we wrong about that. We may have only seen 2 or 3 types of pigeons in our lives. However, there are many oddly beautiful species of pigeons that we probably never saw or heard of. But that’s okay! Because we are now going to tell you about all the other types of pigeons that you’re missing out on.

These birds are not just beautiful, they also have a very interesting history. Even the ordinary city pigeon that we see everywhere carries the most unusual history. This pigeon known as the “rock pigeon” is in fact one of the first birds that humans domesticated. They have been featured on many things including coins since 4500 BC. Yikes! Bored Panda got in touch with the Royal Pigeon Racing Association for more information about the unusual pigeons that we aren’t familiar with and the history associated with them.

Here are some of the most glamorous looking pigeons:

1. Pink-Necked Green Pigeon

Is that a pigeon or an ice-cream?

2. Nicobar Pigeon

Wow. This one looks like a gang leader but the colours are incredible!

3. Victoria Crowned Pigeon

We didn’t know pigeon’s have their own Queen Victoria?

4. Brown Frillback Pigeon

Naturally beautiful curls, wow! And some of us have to get a perm to get this look.


During the interview, RPRA told Bored Panda that these pigeons are really fast and highly skilled. They can easily touch 70 miles per hour. Which is like about 113 kilometres per hour. “They have been used in both world wars due to their skills in speed endurance and their homing abilities,” the RPRA said. “They also have the ability to return to a central location so they are easy to keep—they always return. Meanwhile, pigeons have the ability to deliver messages; Julius Caesar used them in his battles to send messages to and from his troops and occupied areas.”


5. Bronzewing Pigeon

Imagine that thing flying in the sky! Gorgeous.

6. Blue Crowned Pigeon

Perhaps this one is the king.

7. Jacobin Pigeons

You sure that’s not an Eskimo?

8. Indian Fantail

Now this just looks like a wedding dress. And for sure a very beautiful one.

9. African Green Pigeon

Mr. Parrot? Is that you?

10. Spinifex Pigeon

Well, well! What do you we have here? This one looks like a master of the pigeons with that antenna on his head.

A majority of us probably won’t believe the how wonderful these pigeons actually are. According to a study conducted in 2017, pigeons even understand the concept of space and time! Yep, just like we, human beings, do. , And how can we ever forget, they manage to come home even after an entire day of roaming anywhere and everywhere. Well, that’s because they are capable of finding their way towards their nests from approximately 1.3k miles away, which makes it about 2.1k kilometres! But that’s not even the coolest part yet. They can even get back to their nests if they have been moved far away from it and rotated here and there in hopes that they might forget the direction. Nope, they don’t.

11. Grey Frillback Pigeon

Would you look at those CURLS!?

12. Pied Imperial Pigeon

This one seems like an advisor of the crowned king!

13. Ice Pigeon

They even have feathers on their feat!

14. Lahore Pigeon

“Natural habitat: bathrooms…” – Charlotte A.

15. Capuchine/Jacobin Mix

I’ll have one Capuchine, please. No, like the coffee.

16. Red White Roller Pigeon

They must have their own little pigeon boutiques.

17. Archangel Pigeons

Are they… possessed?

18. English Trumpeter Pigeon

How come I have never seen a pigeon with feathers on their feet!? We’re missing out on so much.

19. English Barb

Pigeon version of mean girls? yep!

20. Brunner Pouter Pigeon

“Looks like a microphone 🤣” – Jennah Tadych

21. Lahore Pigeon

This one just looks angry. Or… evil?

22. Fantail Pigeon


Scientists across the world are still unsure as to how their brain work so mysteriously. Even how they navigate their way is something very extraordinary. And they have been around since 3000 BC. Cool, isn’t it?

23. Kabutar Pigeon

Kabutar literally means Pigeon. Mind = Blown

24. Old Dutch Capuchine

Is that graffitti real or is he wearing a fancy vest underneath?

25. Black Helmet Pigeon

A member of the bikers gang.

26. Old Dutch Capuchine

Am I the only one who finds the reflection and the appearance of this pigeon creeeeepy AF!? It’s all about the angles

27. Unique Pigeon

Did they run out of names?

28. English Short-Faced Tumbler

For a second I thought he doesn’t have a beak. They could’ve named him English Smol-Beaked Tumbler

29. German Modena Pigeon

This one seems like a disciplined kid.

30. Oriental Frill Pigeon

Another smol beak. Oh, how adorable!

31. Tumbler Pigeon

So this one has its own Tumblr account?

32. English Carrier Pigeon

Is this a giraffe of the pigeons?

33. Voorburg Shield Cropper


34. Scandaroon Pigeon

I’m not sure why but, I am getting some movie villain vibes. Even the name sounds so evil.

The Pigeon Show officially ends here now. We hope you enjoyed it and were as fascinated as we were. Apart from being smart, they are adorable looking creatures too. Well, some of them are not but most of them definitely are. Here are some questions for you: Have you ever kept a pigeon as a pet? Which one did you like the most and if you were to keep one of them as a pet, which one would you choose and why? Let us know in the comments section below!

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