20 Quirky Cats & Dogs That Can’t Act Like Normal Pets For One Day

20 Quirky Cats & Dogs That Can’t Act Like Normal Pets For One Day

  • By Saif
  • December 8, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Does your pet act normally like a pet should or is it normal?

Confused much? Well, let us break it down for you. Pets can be great companions. Whether it’s a cat, a dog, a bird or even a snake…no, not a snake! But you get the drill, an animal that’s not wild can become a great companion as it would adapt a lot of things according to your environment. However, whenever we are referring to a pet, cats and dogs are the most popular creatures all over the world. Dogs are praised for their loyalty and for being a man’s best friend, while a cat is known for being independent, moody and making you laugh with their hilarious yet mischievous little acts.

We won’t be getting into a cats VS dogs debate as we find both of the species unique and beautiful in their own way. We have immense love for both of the creatures! They are extremely adorable, cute and precious but there are times when they would act in the most strange ways that it would astonish you. Their weird AF behaviours can be amusing and even annoying at times but hey, that’s the beauty of it! On a brighter note, it’s a complete pack of entertainment that you are getting and you should be happy about it. Now, coming towards our first question which probably left you confused, what it meant was that if your pet is acting normally, then it’s definitely not normal because pets simply cannot act normally at all. They tend to behave in the weirdest ways one can’t possibly even imagine.

For those of you who still don’t get what we are talking about, let’s go ahead and take a look at some pictures that we have gathered of those pets who just cannot act normally like a pet should and it’s truly hilarious!

1. This poor human bought a new bed for its cat and well…

The cat just decided to sleep underneath the bed.

2. “My favorite pic of my pug. There is no hole in the grass.”

He probably loves ostriches!

3. “My mom’s cat is such a derp. Always sits like this and keeps an eye on you.”

What a cutie!

4. “My mom didn’t believe me when I tried to explain how odd our newest rescue is.”

That is truly weird AF!

5. She doesn’t wanna see anyone.

Or maybe she doesn’t want anyone to see her.

6. “This is my cat Lorbus trying to eat a metal chair.”

Ugh yes, they love doing that.

7. Imagine waking up to this…

Such an adorable pupper though.

8. “Are you trying to study, hooman?”

They simply won’t let you work or study.

9. He’s sleeping btw.

With the most weirdest expression.

10. “Kind Sir, I’d like to have a few more treats, please?”

That facial expression is hilarious AF!

We are only halfway through and we bet you are laughing off your asses while looking at these pets behaving in the most strangest ways or is it still not strange enough for you? Well, we suggest that you keep on scrollin’ till the end and then let us know what you think about it? Keep scrollin’!

11. Spot the doggo!

I literally had to look the picture for about a minute to spot the pupper!

12. “My roommate’s puppy discovered mirrors and now he won’t look directly at me.”

“Talk to me through the mirror, hooman”

13. “I send him to daycare just for him to hold hands with the employees all day.”

Oh my, what a cute picture!

14. Dat. Stare.

“Why didn’t you feed me any snacks today, hooman? You. Will. Pay. For. It”

15. “How do you like my new hair? Fancy enough?”

Yep, it appears like he has seen some Japanese movie!

16. “He likes to suck on his foot before bed.”

What a big baby!

17. “Don’t I look like some fierce creature with this hooman?”

Sure, you do doggo. Sure you do.

18. “Opie dragged his bed and blanket across the house and then sat like this for 25 minutes while we ate dinner.”

That must have been one hell of a sight!

19. You simply can’t take a normal picture of your cat!

They just won’t ever allow it.

20. It doesn’t say the water is to drink, does it?

Just thought of taking a dip rather than a sip!

And that’s all for today, folks! We are pretty sure that you’ve had fun while going through these hilarious and weird pictures, didn’t you? So, now you believe us what we meant by asking whether your pet behaves like a normal pet does or is it normal? Let us know what did you think of the pictures into the comments section below.


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