19 New Dog Ratings From ‘We Rate Dogs’ To The Goodest Boys

  • By Saif
  • December 1, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

A fan of “We Rate Dogs”? You are in for a treat today!

Dog lovers, we will find you and we will entertain you! No, that’s not a line from any movie, that’s completely original. Anyways, just imagine a life without dogs? No one would cheer us up as our puppers would and neither would anyone protect us as they would. You cannot always rely on a human for everything, but when it comes to our adorable little puppers, we are proud to say that yes, we can always rely on them regardless of the situation! They won’t ever judge us and neither would they expect anything from us in return other than some respect and love, which they truly deserve, a lot of it!

Dogs would always make us smile and happy with their gorgeous looks and stupid little acts. Today is a special day because it’s 5th Birthday of one of the best Twitter accounts – “We Rate Dogs“! It has been 5 long years since this account has been distributing happiness and smiles all around the world by sharing adorable pictures of our furry little companions! As it’s a special occasion today, this awesome Twitter account decided to surprise us with the latest dog ratings! So, if you are looking for something to instantly lift up your mood, this is it! Let’s go ahead and a take a look at our precious puppers!

We Rate Dogs shared this tweet while thanking all their followers for sharing pictures of their good dogs with them!

1. In the first picture, Ziggy be like, “Damn, I didn’t think human would let me drive. What do I do now?”

Well, we trust you Ziggy! You would make a great captain!

2. Me trying to stay awake during my online classes like;

3. Oh God! Is that even for real!? How ADORABLE IS THAT THING!

4. Cleo is such a cutie and she definitely has some class for sitting with that posture!

5. This adorable little pupper should have been 15/10!

Look at that fur!

6. Oh my, for a second I thought Spencer is wearing a bowtie!

7. Haha Penny appears to be ageing as humans, minus the tongue.

8. Where exactly can I meet that pupper? I could definitely use one right now!

9. Proud of this guy for providing the life our handsome Doug deserves!

10. Or maybe your head’s getting bigger, Heidi? No?

“I don’t think so, hooman. It’s the hole, I’m sure.”

We can’t be thankful enough to this Twitter account for bringing so many smiles to our faces with these adorable and precious little doggos! We truly hope that this account just keeps on growing everyday and people keep on sharing pictures of their beautiful dogs with us! Now, let’s scroll down to see the remaining posts.

11. What do you mean it’s not a Giraffe?

12. Damn, that is such a cool doggo!

13. Haha look at that facial expression!

14. Wait, those are his real ears? OMG!

15. Awww… Poor little Sonja!

She seems like a really curious pupper who just couldn’t help it!


17. Ever seen a unicorn riding in a cart with a baby? I’ve seen everything now.

18. Percy is too busy drinking the water that she doesn’t care and neither should you, hooman.

19. Haha he’s still trying, at least!


What a cutie!

Guys, we have reached the end for today and we are aware that you were just in for some more posts, weren’t you? That’s fine, it was enough cuteness for today anyway, don’t you think? Let us know which pupper did you like the most, into the comments section below!

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