13 Cat Posts That Will Make You Want To Get A Cat

  • By Sara
  • October 10, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

To us, cats are perfect.

How is it possible for humans like us to fall in love with cats this badly? That too, to a point where they become our masters and boss us around, and we’re more than happy with it! If you have a cat at home, you would know that you are the pet. Not them. And it’s completely fine. We love being dominated by our little furry feline friends. I know that might sound weird, but if you’re a cat lover, you can understand this very well.

Life with a cat is really fun. It is exciting as well. What will I wake up to this morning? A dead rat, vomit, another chewed up wire? I guess we will never know! With a cat, you get 24/7 free entertainment at home. If you’re still looking for more entertainment, scroll down below for 13 cat posts that will make you want to get a cat:

1. “My cat’s face when I found her hoarding stash.”


2. “I just sneezed like five times in a row and I don’t think my cat trusts me anymore.”


3. “Apparently I have been forgiven for the sins of leaving for the weekend and slutting around with other cats.”


4. “Looking forward to another amazing year with this magical space cat.”


5. In order to taste the doughnut, you must be the doughnut.

u/jaerockets / Via reddit.com

6. These cats are acting kinda sus.

u/hgc411 / Via reddit.com

Cats are both hilarious and adorable at the same time. Who knew their funny shenanigans would make us laugh so hard and increase our love for them like that? They are blessings if you ask me. My life would be incomplete without my catto. We need these furry babies. Scroll down below for more cat posts:

7. Elvie received a lot of Christmas presents.

u/Hoppalina / Via reddit.com

8. Just chilling by the fire.

u/PrestigiousHedgehog8 / Via reddit.com

9. Spidercat to the rescue.

u/Nirami / Via reddit.com

10. I am grass.

u/TheAthorofKnowledge / Via reddit.com

11. This is perfect.


12. Animals are precious and must be protected at all costs.

13. I think we all love Benson.

What did you think about these cat posts? Can you relate to any of them? Let us know in the comments below!

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