Photographer Takes Photos Of ‘Crazy Cat Men’ To Challenge ‘The Crazy Cat Lady’ Stereotype

We have all heard of the stereotype ‘Crazy cat lady’. It narrows down having cats as feminine and also builds a false perception that cats in general are feminine species.

But why is that so? Why aren’t men with cats normalized? Why aren’t we shown a guy satisfied with having cats as his sole company? Fortunately, David Williams, a photographer based in New York has kick started this discourse. Williams began his series ‘Men and Cats’ where he photographs men and their cats to break the norm of ‘crazy cat lady’. His main purpose was to show people that the companionship of cats is enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their gender. “I wanted to show that regardless of gender, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring,” said David Williams.

Below are some pictures from his series that we think you all need to see!

1. Quality time with the cato

2. Us and the cat in the frame!

3. Neck Hugs

4. We’re judging you together

5. Can we cook you some dinner?

6. Sabrina the teenage witch

7.Furry Ball!

8. Cat as the lead vocalist!

9. Who said you can’t go on walks with a cat?

10. Housefull!

These were the most wholesome cat pictures with their owners! Which one is your favorite? All are great though, it is so hard to choose.

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