People Show Off Their Pets Wearing Spooky Halloween Costumes

People Show Off Their Pets Wearing Spooky Halloween Costumes

  • By Malaika
  • November 4, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Halloween isn’t only for humans.

While it is true that we love to dress up for Halloween in weird but sometimes amazing costumes. This isn’t just reserved for humans. While animals might not be thrilled with the idea of wearing any sort of clothes, some relish the idea. You just have to be careful not to force too much on them. After all, you don’t want them to claw your eyes off.

However, these pets ook hilariously adorable so it’s worth the risk, I’d say. Haloween has already come and gone and we have a lot of images to go through today submitted by people all over the Internet. From cats dressed up as tacos to dogs dressed as crocodiles, there is a lot of variety here. So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Facebook

#1 I believe I can fly.

Zippy being Count Zipula, I don’t think he will forgive me.

#2 Quite festive for Halloween.

Not so spooky but they are black so technically they’re spooky every day. Koru.

#3 Thunder the vampire is thirsty for some red liquid.

#4 At least you got a grumpy picture out of it.

Kiefer doesn’t like his but I’m able to get a good picture because he thinks he can’t move in it.

#5 Onyx looks really pretty.

#6 Someone help this poor doggo!

Omg…Loki was eaten by a crocodile!!!!

#7 Minions would have been much scarier.

Not really scary but we had a bunch of bananas.

#8 A tiny little sailor.

#9 The hotdogs wife looks quite happy.

#10 I hope he doesn’t have arachnophobia.

#11 Can this dragon breathe fire?

#12 Better than nothing, I suppose.

#13 I can see the rainbow but where is the sunshine?

#14 There has to be some sort of irony in this.

#15 I don’t see Princess Peach or Mario anywhere.

#16 Who wouldn’t go to church with a pope like this?

#17 She sure does look crabby.

#18 I will paint with the colors of the wind.

#19 Say A, Say d…… You know I want to say Adorable.

#20 The three musketeers?

#21 I really want a dress with that print now.

#22 I may not be a huge fan of pink but she looks amazing.

My nudist is her creepy-cute jacket!

#23 Thank you for this indeed.

#24 I can’t form any proper words right now because of the cuteness overload.

This was my Dolly 4 years ago in her tutu. She loved to dress up! Miss her so much.

#25 Is this Grumpy the reindeer?

Elliecat loving her Halloween costume. NOT!

#26 Did they forget to take off the stickers?

#27 This Viking is ready to smash some things.

Molly, my Maltipoo rescue in a Viking costume I made for her.

#28 Run from the slime monster!

Nell as Slimer from GhostBusters. (Nell is paralyzed, so she looks absolutely adorable as she scoots around!)

#29 Didn’t actual dragons had feathers?

My 18-year-old girl, Jilly Bean, had her school picture taken in her stegosaurus costume last year.

#30 When you wear glassed just for the hell of it.

#31 He looks ready for a rave.

My 10-year-old rescue beagle, Gizmo??

#32 She is spooky incarnate.

Gizmo is “Grumpy Cat”. *No accessories needed at this time.

#33 Another taco for the history books.

#34 A little more makeup is needed.

Pippa as Lydia from Beetlejuice.

#35 Did he skin a black cat?

My Cooper all dressed up as a black cat.

#36 This is just too cute for words.

Frankie (red) and Slinky (black and tan).

#37 This is what a pure bread looks like.

#38 She can probably pick up that hat with magic.

She was a Witchy Kitty but her hat fell off!

#39 A necklace and she’ll be fine.

Olivia is not amused. Adorable, but not amused.

#40 ‘What are these things son my back hooman?’

This is Myles. He was happy to run around batsh1t crazy at 4 am. Not so keen once dressed appropriately!

#41 She looks just as surprised as we do.

#42 Orange is the new black after all.

#43 She is going to need a bigger mermaid tail.

#44 Do you even need me to explain this pun?

#45 When you have to work on Halloween.

#46 He looks very hungry.

Not very spooky but he is awfully cute.

#47 So baby Yoda is bigger than Yoda? Makes sense.

The dog is Yoda and the baby is Baby Yoda (wouldn’t wear the outfit though).

Did you dress up your pets on Halloween? if so what did you dress them as? Let us know in the comments below.

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