Pets Who Hilariously Stole The Show In Selfies (20 Pics)

Pets Who Hilariously Stole The Show In Selfies (20 Pics)

  • By Sara
  • August 3, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Pets love attention.

If there’s anything that animals love, it is attention. However, things aren’t that simple. Pets can be very complicated creatures. If you want to love them and cuddle with them, they will make you chase them around the entire house. You will give up in the end and start minding your own business. But once you divert yourself and start focusing elsewhere, your pet will immediately run towards you and ask for your attention.

That’s just how things work. The only time when pets ask you to show them any affection is when you are taking selfies. You can not take a picture in peace without getting disturbed if you have a pet around. As pets like being the centre of everything, you are bound to be photobombed by your pet every now and then. People who don’t own pets might not understand what I’m talking about. So if you want to know, scroll down below to see 20 pets who hilariously stole the show in selfies:

1. This dog is not a fan of the camera.

2. “He’s going to be a shoulder cat!”

3. A happy and complete family.

4. “Trying to take a selfie with my dog when all of a sudden…”

5. “I think my cat has had enough of selfies.”

6. “Someone needs to get on a diet…”

7. “My dog, Oliver, the dorkiest boy alive, fake smiling for a selfie”

8. Selfie in the snow.

9. “Saturday morning selfie with Buddy the comfort cat”

10. When your dog is against thirst trap selfies.

Just because they like photobombing us does not mean that they look good doing it. Pets make the derpiest faces while taking selfies. I can never take a normal picture of my cat. She is either making the silliest face or just constantly moving. And these photos are an accurate depiction of those moments. Scroll down below to see the rest:

11. “Selfies with the grandpup, he didn’t want us to get another dog, now he takes care of him while we work.”

12. “Tried a selfie with my cat, but then he went pride rock.”

13. “Me trying to take a proper selfie with my cat”

14. “When you try to take a selfie with your dog:”

15. “My dad: I don’t want a dog. Also my dad taking selfies:”

16. I want to be in the picture too!

18. “Growing up with my little girl Mila.”

19. “Please don’t mind my inability to make a normal face while admiring my long-distance boyfriend and our precious cat!”

20. And here is Chris Evans with his dog.

What did you think about these adorable and silly pet selfies? What does your pets do when you’re taking a picture? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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