Precious Moments Of Pets Experiencing Things For The First Time

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with animals? Could be cats, dogs, bird, or any other. Hold on, you’re saying you DON’T remember? Danggggg it. We guess we’ll let it go this time because now you’re already in love and there’s no going back *haha*. 

Even if you don’t remember the first time you encountered an animal/pet or fell in love with one, there’s nothing to worry about actually. Because this post isn’t about that. It is actually about those perfect moments when pets experienced things for the first time. Some moments are simply to die for, and others could get a little shocking. But that is perfectly fine with us as long as we get to see some great reactions from these pets. Pets being pets, can’t help but give the purest feedback (in the most convenient way possible).

So sit back, hold on tight and get ready to fall in love as you go on this journey with us.

1. It’s peanut butter jelly timeeee

PB game going strong.

2. ‘Yoooo, how is it doin’ that?’

The ceiling fan has caught these kitties off guard.

3. Alexa play You Are My Sunshine…

Perfect summer love.

4. When you like something in store that is wayyyy beyond your budget.

We’d definitely lose it like he did.

5. We feel ya, little doggie.

Best feeling everrr

6. Then: Gotta get that impression right the first time…

Now: Ain’t nothing stopping me now.

7. This cat has got something on it’s mind…

He’s probably thinking how to get to the top.

8. Is that…is that..


9. We bet this dog did not sign up for that…

hmmm, too late now.

10. ‘So you’re saying…he’s gonna live in my house?’

It’s always a safe idea to tell the cat about new baby..

These pets are definitely having the time of their lives. And so are we. It’s so fun to see these perfectly-timed moments of pets experiencing ordinary things at home that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Alright now, keep going. It gets better.

11. Okay, so dogs actually really like peanut butter

This dog is a living proof.

12. When life gives you lemons…

via Famepace

That’s also us since Covid-19.

13. That’s it. The cat has spoken.

This is insane!

14. We bet the cat in that salad bowl is as delicious as the catnip

That face. *squeaks*

15. When that fresh breeze of air hits your face.

We’re lovin’ it.

16. Not a very good experience for this cat.

Once I get in, You. Are. Dead.

17. Playing hide and seek has never been this happy..

‘Look mommy! I’m right here’

18. How your phone gallery be like when somebody tries to break in…

Uh-huh! Not a good plan tho.

19. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

We’re sooo happy for this doggo.

20. Ain’t that SO relaxing?

via Famepace

That’s us after a long day at work..

21. When you can’t have it…

You attacccc

That was awesomeeee. We never thought these pets could love something that we thought was pretty lame. We mean, who would’ve thought a ceiling fan could be THAT fascinating. Not us. But those cats just lost their minds. Fortunately for us, we got to experience all these wonderful times the pets experienced something for the first time and didn’t forget to react. Let us know what you think. And don’t forget to share your pets encountering things for the first time with us, in the comments section below. We’d love to see more of them.


Source: Famepace

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