40 Times People Failed To Send Dogs To ”We Rate Dogs” But Still Got The Best Results

  • By Malaika
  • July 3, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Rating dogs can be very fun.

After all, there is a reason a Twitter user dedicated their life to rating dogs. Appropriately naming themselves, We Rate Dogs. I am sure you must have heard of them. However, it seems sometimes people send them pictures of animals or things that are not dogs.

The Twitter account doesn’t know why people do this so they can sometimes get very frustrated. If you think about it for a second, what would a picture of kangaroo or seal be doing in a weratedogs account? That is why we have collected some of the best submissions from other users that are not actually dogs.

Source: Twitter

#1 Just chilling in the pool.

I love this picture so much. Labrasaurus rex. -Caitlyn McCracken

#2 Where are the seal’s eyes?

#3 We never knew Jesus had a dog.

I’ve never seen this one before and it has to be the best!! -Caitlyn McCracken

#4 This is a lap bear.

#5 Now, I am hungry.

It looks more like a blow up fish than a marshmallow. -Duc Tran

#6 A very furry rug indeed.

#7 Never knew snoop doggs house was so messy.

For a moment I thought that was Snoop Dogg. -Niloufer Daruwalla

#8 I would give him 13 out of 10.

#9 The walrus doesn’t like the sun in his eyes.

I need to use “heckin” more often. -Brenda

#10 This happy ghost is only going to haunt this house.

#11 Who doesn’t like a panda?

I want a floppy tongued house panda! -Ok Ha-Neul

#12 Even kangaroos need to be rated sometimes.

#13 This snake is very tired.

That is the one snake I could tolerate. -Seong Jin

#14 A very cheeky chipmunk.

#15 I choose you.

Omg I’m dying of laughter. -D├áhlia DM

#16 Is he melting into the floor?

#17 Turtles are also an endangered species.

A flop tail is very rare and it eats rugs, or mats or blankets, easy to look after and feed. -Gillian Black

#18 And Wilson is very curious.

#19 He likes to be unique.

I’m just trying out some homemade Elizabethan Collars today. -John L

#20 The owl doesn’t wanna come out.

#21 The rocks look very nice, to be honest.

It’s one of those 3D effect posters.. you know… the ones you have to stare at a point and once your eyes are all crossed, a 3D image appears. -sunnyrei82

#22 I would love to cuddle the carpet.

#23 Very majestic indeed.

Jon snow , Ghost’s eyes aren’t red anymore. What happened!? -Anna Nilofer

#24 Or a lamp. It could be either.

#25 He is a good boi though.

Looks cautious yet peaceful to me. -Hans

#26 Driving without a license?

#27 I need a poof lion in my life.

Where can I pick up a poof lion?? The poof floof is real, people. -Jeeves

#28 Is it Christmas already?

#29 The color makes him very rare.

Just don’t mention goats to Mr dog_rates. -Blind Oracle

#30 This panda worm is tired.

#31 He is looking for some wood to chew.

Looks like a Welsh copper otter to me. -Blue Cicada

#32 And now this birdie is all alone.

#33 Are we sure this isn’t a statue?

Eyeless porch bear…could not get closer. -Hans

#34 I’d give the road 15/10,

#35 This tortoise needs some water.

It must’ve been a very hot day… -Kirchner Deventer

#36 What is this ostrich looking for?

#37 This arctic floof is taking a nap.

Floof kangaroo…where do you get it ! brilliant. -Chere Goddard

#38 The hammerhead shark is coming for your leg.

#39 No more bears, please!

Yes but the ETPF Bears are an endangered species. Getting a pic of them is like finding the Holy Grail! -Allana Rose

#40 We have to look after the sea turtles.

Which one of these images did you like the best? Were there any ratings you wouldn’t agree with? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so your friends can rate these non-dogs as well.

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