30 Times Cat Owners Hilariously Exposed Their Weirdo Cats On Twitter

  • By Malaika
  • June 13, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

The cats might take revenge after this. 

Because cats never forget and they definitely don’t forgive. These Twitter users are gonna have a very messy and broken house the next time they come home. However, ignoring the future repercussions, join in to laugh at the weirdest antics some cats can get up to. And no we are not talking about the usual ‘sleeping in a weird’ position that every cat does.

If the ‘I’m different than other girls’ credit was ever personified these cats would be it. From playing weird hide and seek to bringing flowers to their owners, these kitties are the real weirdos. And we are here to pay homage to the uniqueness that resides within every cat and makes them do stupid shenanigans.

Scroll on below and take a look at all the catastrophes!

#1 Always playing hide and seek.

Via MNoitaF

My cat does the same, except that he chooses to hide in my wardrobe. -ChunLei Yang

#2 That’s better than dead mice.

Via vic_pelle

That’s sweet. Meanwhile, do you have a neighbor with a destroyed flowerbed by now? -varwenea

#3 Just a broken cat.

Via kansaita_

#4 Going on the run!

Via PardoRena

My wife does the exact same thing. -Steve Barnett

#5 Only pay attention to me!

Via lapalogarello

#6 I would be very afraid.

Via fisurite

Step one for world domination for cats: Analyze your human, find it’s weakness. -Carson Lujan

#7 Don’t get too close.

Via vickyspooky

#8 Just being comfortable.

Via aqxatictalks

She feels secure in your home. That is a good thing. -Martti Laurson

#9 He is just playing.

Via luchiisant

He looks just like our cat and even the bathroom is similar! Bingley, what the hell are you doing?! -Pamela24

#10 That’s better than her using your head as a pillow.

Via NuriaVodevil

#11 He is all the decoration you need.

Via MartinezPichel

#12 He wants to feel something floofy.

Via cinnamonhelios

My cat (rip) used to sleep with my socks as a cuddle bunny. * only the super snow socks from N.Z. -Magpie

#13 A very nice feature.

Via rocioroa_1

#14 Nice and clean.

Via MarcelMartii

#15 Nobody likes the alarm.

Via ValeCiaffoni

My cats use to do that (RIP Cray-Cray and Holly), I would always catch them swiping to make it stop. -Amy Frank

#16 I would find another bedroom.

Via valxciv

“Hooman, I shall learn the secret of opening the can opener while you sleep. Be prepared for the lobotomy performed by my claws!” -varwenea

#17 He learned to turn on the faucet!?

Via MelinaMolisa

#18 To keep nice and cool.

Via bautovdo

#19 Is she half dog?

Via cosmmefulanita

Does she also tear up all the bills for you? -glowworm2

#20 Perhaps he gets warm?

Via RamiroAlmeida98

#21 Many cats do this.

Via Watoreon

#22 That sounds like a very normal cat.

Via anchirio

My cat used to have some kind of vendetta against my SAT prep book and would bite it constantly if I wasn’t vigilant enough to stop her. Got to the point that I could always tell where I left off by looking for the teeth marks. -Sam Petter

#23 She checks because of your health.

Via BrunoBracamont1

#24 A kitty after my own heart.

Via giulyromero

#25 Just a small kiss.

Via milulen03

It’s a love bite. -Kathy Smith

#26 That’s your fault at the end of the day.

Via Sub_Tero

#27 A spidercat!

Via ami_armandugon

You know you would do it if you could. -Kanga9ine

#28 No, just no.

Via mmzzraindrops


#29 Doing everything in his power.

Via DocTH0R

#30 That is what being a cat is all about.

Via BreenCasas

My cat chases the air. Well, that’s what we call it, she runs at top speed then stops in the middle of the yard to bat at the air. It’s hilarious! -Spiritlifter

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