Newly Adopted Cats Loving Their Furr-Ever Homes

Newly Adopted Cats Loving Their Furr-Ever Homes

We can not stress or repeat enough how important adoption is! Adoption provides poor stray animals with a home and love they most definitely deserve. It is our duty to take care of the animals around us. Especially the cats, they are such fragile creature. There are hundred of cats roaming around in the streets in search of love, food and shelter they deserve. Even the shelters have been crowded with them because people prefer cats that are of a certain breed, over the street cats. But! All cats are precious, period. And street cats deserve equal love and attention, there we said it!

We would love to acknowledge and appreciate those who have adopted in the past, just adopted or will adopt in the future! You guys are the capeless heroes of our society! We owe all of you for what you’re doing. Adoption stories fill our heart with immense happiness. I mean, what could be more wholesome than cats finding their  furr-ever homes?

This post is dedicated to those who have adopted or wants to adopt, we are going to celebrate you guys today!
We have as always gathered the most heartwarming pictures of the adoption stories of these cats. Scroll down to see the precious angels being introduced to their new parents and homes and hopefully a life of happiness.

1. “Everyone, meet Pogo. Adopted her from a stranger that was planning of dropping her off somewhere.”

Via u/rAndrewEstes

We’re so glad Pogo is now in safe hands.

2. “Meet pebble! I adopted her as she was sent to a Cat Cafe as a last resort to get adopted and she’s is honestly the sweetest.”

A new cuddle buddy for you. NEEDDD!

3. “After years of wanting to adopt a kitten, i was finally given the opportunity to. Meet stanley”

Via u/patheticgurl

Stanley was literally meant for this home. He’s so comfy.

4. “After my sweet cat of 12 years passed last June, I finally decided I was ready for a new fur baby in my life. My husband surprised me with a trip to the humane society over Valentine’s weekend, and we came home with our new four-legged love. Meet Olive.”

Via u/stmigo_24

Black beauty! His eyes actually do look like olives.

5. “Adopted them from a shelter yesterday. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Here are my 2 boys (Eddie, 8 months old, and Fitz, ~2 years old) on their first night home.”

Via u/gonavy27

They did not even hesitate before making themselves feel at home and we love it.

6. “My wife and I adopted this 14 year old gentleman today. Meet Toby”

Via u/birdsnbanjos

Bless your, and your wife’s heart!

7. “Brought home my two new best friends yesterday. Meet Franny & Zooey!”

Via u/AromaticAlgae

And they’ll be each other’s best friend, too.

8. “The joy on this cats face after finally being adopted.”


Fits right into this family. Precious.

9. “The moment when you find exactly what you’ve been missing at your local animal shelter. Introducing Penelope. World sure looks a lot brighter now!”

Via u/thehen77

This cat is so happy, she’s giving kissies to her new hooman. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.

10. “my first kitten in 22 years”

Via u/batcall


You think you have seen enough cuteness? You think nothing else can win over your heart? You’re greatly mistaken, my friend. Because we are not finished treating your eyes and melting your hearts with adorable-ness. There are MORE ADORABLE KITTIES being adopted in store for you guys! It’s your lucky day, i guess. The excitement and happiness in the eyes of new cat-parents and twinkling hope in the eyes of the newly adopted cats surely brings infinite peace to our hearts and souls. You don’t wanna miss the sight of pure love. So keep scrolling for more purr-fect pictures of cats!

11. “Our new blue tabby kitten!”

Via u/IceSuch

This one’s a poser!

12. “I bacame a cat dad this week, poor little guy has been hiding under the bed the past few days”

Via u/Wharnezz

Can’t even imagine what this poor lil guy has been through. He’s definitely going to take her well-deserved time to settle in.

13. “My girlfriend and I just moved into our new place, so we had to pick this guy to join our family”

Via u/Greg1994

New place, New kitty, New life.

14. “Say hello to my new daughter who i met on my evening jog and won’t leave me alone”

Via u/OMGMadHavoc

You’re the chosen one.

15. “My dad hasn’t had a pet to call his own for more than a decade. I surprised him with his own kitten and I haven’t seen him this happy in years.”

Via u/ThadCastlePhD

Aww! The kitty looks so tiny in his arms.

16. “This kitty was left in middle of nowhere. Someone dropped him. He now lives with us and he is really happy.”

Via u/DarkAstronaut27

You can tell he’s happy.

17. “after months on the shelter waitlist, today i got to bring home little theodora!”

Via u/snoogiebee

What a wonderful reward after waiting for so long.

18. “Just adopted this little kitty from the streets. Meet Masho”

Via u/redvakho

Masho, one of the most photogenic cats.

19. “Brought home our first kitten today. Meet Alfie!”

Via u/AlexWeedy

We love how he’s wrapped up in a towel.

20. “Her first day at home, so she’s still pretty scared, but I want to introduce you all to Sweet Potato.”

Via u/Mycatissnootsy

Wish we could give her lots of love to make sure she’s not scared anymore.

Such stories are a beam of hope in this cruel world and makes us want to do good things in life. It inspires us to give out love, hope it inspired you to do the same. If you think these adoption stories are beautiful and there should be more of such stories, help us promote this trend of adopting by sharing this post with your friends and family. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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