17 Naughty Cats Show Their Humans Who’s the Boss in the House

  • By Saif
  • May 8, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Of course, we know who the real boss is in the house!

Since cats first got their adorable claws into us about 9,500 years ago, humans have been bossed around by them. Yeah, you heard it right. Cats think they are in charge of everything. Of you. Of your household. Of the entire universe. Today more than 80 million cats reside in U.S. homes, with an estimated three cats for every dog on the planet. Huge right? And since we adore our feline companions so much, they’ve undoubtedly taken advantage of our weakness towards their cuteness and started to rule over us. If you don’t know by now, you’ll definitely find out soon that cats are the real chief of us.

The fact that cats boss us around is not a joke anymore, it’s the truth. From being worshiped as Egyptian Gods to traveling the world on Viking ships to being the internet best memes today, cats have come a long way. They’ve evolved over time and their role has changed too. Now that our feline fellows have complete control over us, we know who is the leader in the room (the cat obviously). Our furry friends look innocent and cute on the outside but deep down they’re attention-demanding tyrants who will do whatever they desire to stay in the limelight. They’ll fight with other pets, hang around in the weirdest places ever and even sit on your face to demand your attention which by the way, you ultimately have to give.

Given below is a list of cats being mischievous and ordering themselves about the house and if you’re a cat owner, you’ll agree with us.

1. “Every time I try to leave the house…”

Via yarn_b**f / Reddit

So this kitty sits on the sunroof of the car every time the owner decides to leave proving that this little creature thinks that he’s the boss of his hooman and won’t let him leave without permission.

2. “Oh well, brushing your teeth is overrated anyway.”

Via NickX51 / Reddit

3. “My black and white tabby sits on my calico until she gives up their fave spot on my desk.”

Via Kore07 / Reddit

So this cat boss around his owner by occupying his favourite place on his worktable. Hilarious!

4. “She judges from above.”

Via mystic_pikachu / Reddit

5. “Come on, pick me up!”

Via CleverIsMiddleName / Reddit

Gimme attention you busy hooman!

6. “Yes, this is a good place to sit.”

Via bellerouge / Reddit

7. “The shower curtain was like this already!”

Via meulta / Reddit

Of all the places in the house, this cat decides to sit in the bathtub. And when we come to think of it, it’s not about what, it’s about why?

8. “Wanted a photo with the kittens — this is what I got.”

Via minxual / Reddit

9. “Want to do this puzzle, human? Not today.”

Via Nocadin / Reddit

The owner of this kitty has to solve a puzzle today but the boss apparently thinks otherwise.

Cats are used to having the freedom to go wherever they want and do whatever they desire. As a pet parent, you can’t deny the fact that your cats think he is the boss of you. When we think about this behaviour of cats and try to understand it, it leads us to the point of comparative intelligence.

Your cat most certainly believes that he is more intelligent than you hence shows superior behaviour on various occasions. In a cat’s eye, all things belong to him. Whether it’s your bathtub or your workplace or even your body. A cat will never fail to surprise you at how higher up it thinks it is when it comes to you or your belongings.

10. “This ‘no-spill bowl’ was a challenge apparently.”

Via  nmcaff / Reddit

11. “Because who needs personal space…or the ability to breathe?”

Via Eoswren / Reddit

So this cat defies the fact that his owner needs a place to breathe and some personal space of his own.

12. “They were both sleeping 3 minutes ago.”

Via E-P-I-C-K / Reddit

13. “It’s my turn to play, human.”

Via EXGI21 / Reddit

This kitty is all about playing the piano.

14. “Countless places to nap outside in the shade and this is where my cat chooses to get comfortable…”

Via  narwol / Reddit

15. “When she demands attention”

Via chrisesco1128 / Reddit

So this cat shows aggressive behaviour by revealing his claws at the owner when he seems to not give the attention that the cat requires. LOL.

16. “I accidentally woke him up by rearranging my legs.”

Via 7evenstar / Reddit

17. “If you don’t nap with Sammy, you don’t nap at all.”

Via curiouslyinclined / Reddit

At the end of the day, we give in to the fact that it’s not up to us to know what we think about our cat. It’s up to the cat to decide what he thinks of us and himself. He definitely thinks he’s the more majestic one and you are the slave. We happily surrender before our cats just because they are too adorable. Do you have a cat at home? Would you like to share its witty boss acts around the house because we are definitely all ears for it and can’t wait for your paw-some responses!

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