Adorable Pictures Of Men And The Damn 'Pets' They Never Wanted

Adorable Pictures Of Men And The Damn ‘Pets’ They Never Wanted

As you might have already read the title-today’s post is going to be an interesting one! We all know men and boys who love their pets now and won’t stay a minute without their presence and might as well go to extreme lengths just to make their pets happy. But the question is were they always like? Did they always feel this way about pets? Most probably no. Because men tend to hide their loving and expressive side so initially they say no to the idea of pets- at least most of them do, until they fall in love with them. And these men couldn’t help but do all those loving things they were scared to do before, for their pets!

Pets are magical creatures who very cleverly make you fall in love with them- with their innocence and silliness! And poor men, became the victim of this sorcery when they fell head over heels in love with their pets- the pets they opposed to having!

We have gathered some of such men’s stories, scroll down to see them fall in love with their pets!

1.Dad: “You will NOT bring a dog in here.” Also Dad: “Quick! Take our picture!!”

Via u/lampshade121

Look at those matching smiles! We love these bestfriends!

2.“My boyfriend who thought all cats were evil is now doing indoor rock climbing to reach her. Why? ’Cause he wanted to kiss her forehead.”

Via u/Doctorspiper

Okay. Two extreme acts at play. But we get you climbing that wall just to kiss your cat, hooman!

3.“My husband, who does not want a dog, giving the dog his shirt because she is cold”

Via u/okthef

Who thought this would happen? Doggos bring out the best in us!

4.“A stray that wouldn’t leave turned into a daddy’s cat.”

Via u/jaman27

Daddy looks happy with his new smol furr ball!

5.“My dad didn’t want me to get a dog. Now he takes my dog fishing almost every day.”

Via u/OwlLavellan

Love how the things have turned out for these fishing partners!

6.”Classic tale of dad meets dog”

Via u/cloud_of_fluff

Look at that lil paw on daddy’s face!

7. “My dad, after one week when he said, “no cats in this house”

Via u/bananaycoco22

We don’t blame him, how could he resist this purr-fect kitty!

8.“My dad’s been afraid of dogs since he was little. My new puppy has finally won him over.”

Via u/DliciousT_DedlyPsn

AW look at that smol shiny doggo! Our favorite story!

9. “We do not need another husky. It’s going to be too much money and too much hair everywhere” — My fiancé (who I might add is wearing a black shirt that’s covered in her dog hair)

Via u/almostedgyenough

Her boyfriend is looking at this doggo like he found his soulmate. Maybe he did.

10.“My dad just got a kitten.”

Via u/Buns-R-Us

We get you, papa hooman. Looking keenly at your pet doing everything! That kitty is the smollest kitty ever!

11.“We aren’t keeping all these puppies.”

Via u/LordCommanderFang

Love how he incorporated all these pupies in his work life! Work goals!

No! This is not the end! *phew* We know these stories are too beautiful and pure so we have a lot of them. Keep scrolling to find more grown men falling in love with these smol animals!

12.“We are never getting a dog!”

Via u/50percentDNA

That hug says otherwise! It’s like he didn’t know that a hug from a doggo would be this perfect!

13.”Dad went from “You’re taking him with you when you leave.” to “Are you really gonna take him with you??”

Via u/DragonpaladinAlaine

AW. This poor daddy didn’t know the impact this kitty would have on his life!

14.My grumpy old man who, at first, said he “wanted nothing to do with that mutt” is wishing said mutt a happy 3rd birthday.

Via u/InvasiveTepees

Love how the ‘grumpy old man’ has taken the ‘mutt’ very seriously in his life!

15. “My grumpy dad with the pet he did not want”

Via u/Ago666

Randomly chilling with the cat like!

16. My dad a year ago: “Get this rat-sized dog away from me, I don’t want anything to do with it.” Fast forward to today…

Via u/Phoenix_girl1911

WHOLESOME! Look at them sleeping so peacefully!

17. My dad: “We do not need a cat. I do not want a cat. I will not take care of a cat.” Also my dad: Builds a handmade cat bed with wheels on it

Via u/alllllyg

Kitties have rare magic to make you fall in love them. Look at this royalty!

18.“She can sleep in the garage, but there’s no way she’s allowed inside the house.”

Via u/Mr_Eman25

But now he wouldn’t even have a drink without him!

19.”He said he was “protecting him from the dog””

Via u/24nicebeans

Dad – the Kitty Savior!

20.“We all had to beg him for a dog. 15 years later, he baby talks to Ruby and gives her more love than he does to anyone else.”

Via u/nancyrub97

Look at them looking at each other with nothing but pure love! *cries happy tears*

21.“I don’t want this dog! I want a dog I can go hiking with like a German shepherd or a lab!” …11 years later

Via u/-DIrty__MARtini-

This dog proved his worth! Don’t judge a dog by its size!

22.“For 21 YEARS my dad has told my family and I ‘no dog.’ This is him one hour after getting the dog today.”

Via u/_tayyygray

Just one hour? Now that was fast! It looks like they have known each their entire life!

23.“For 40 years, I was sure that I wasn’t a cat person.”

Via Andrey Kryukov

Until proven wrong!

These photos and stories made us all teary and mushy! Melted our hearts! We finally believe in the good that exists in this world. These men with their love for their pets made us regain this belief and we are forever thankful to them for making us so happy and teary at the same time! These love stories were too wholesome and heartwarming for our weak heart that melts at the sight of lil smol animals! We are sure you guys are crying on the other side of screen as well! Don’t worry, we get you! Share this with your family and friends and make their day with these unexpected love stories! Let us know about your favorite one in the comments section below!

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