Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (32 Images)

Meet The Newly Adopted Faces Of The Week (32 Images)

  • By Saif
  • March 28, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

Hey hey hey, who’s up for a happy dose of witnessing newly adopted faces of the week?

Our weekly episode of adopted faces have always been a great treat for all the animal lovers. It doesn’t matter whether you are a cat person, a dog person, or even a bird person, you just have to be a person…wait, what? an ANIMAL person, we meant. However, for those of you who are unaware of what does this weekly episode of ours consists of, let us explain it to you.

Every week, we would scorch the internet for some incredibly adorable pictures of animals who got adopted by some amazing human beings and they decide to share the pictures of those animals with the world. So, we narrow down some of the best ones for you to see that there’s still a lot of good people around the world who would opt to adopt an animal rather than to shop for one! A lot of animals are always looking for a permanent home and sadly, most of us would always prefer a “breed” over these. But the true animal lovers, don’t care about the breeds because they know, every animal is precious and deserves a forever home.

Okay, now is the time to jump onto the pictures that we have been saving for you! And we bet, these pictures will bring a huge smile onto your faces and lighten up your day! So, are we ready? Let’s gooo!

1. “Update: I finally adopted this baby a week ago, and his name is Dooby! (“teddy bear” in Hebrew)”

Via u/thelionmermaid

2. “Brought my new buddy Finn home today!”

Via u/anony162

3. “A new addition to our family. His name is mameshi”

Via u/Dokumama

4. “Just got home from adopting this fella!”

Via u/D_Poner57

5. “Just adopted this little thing. He was on the street and would always ask random people for pets and love. Now he has a home (and also a brother and a sister!). This is Neptune!”

Via u/fabiohotts

6. “Meet Woody! My neighbors were going to give him up because he got excited and accidentally scratched their niece. Him and my dog talk through the fence everyday, and when I found out I just had to have him.”

Via u/reginabeena

7. “My in-laws newly adopted! She was in the shelter for 2 years and finally found her forever home. Meet Jane!”

Via u/MadalinaMadalin

8. Bonus: “Frankie was adopted from the shelter one year ago, best decision!”

Via u/cavashkie

9. “I’m adopting him tomorrow and I can’t wait! I’m counting down the minutes! He’s a 13 yr old man who needs somewhere to live his remaining days in peace & comfort. I can’t wait to spoil him. Bonus – staff @ shelter say he’s sweet and cuddly! Eeeeeeeekk!!”

Via u/mandy0615

10. “I didn’t pick him, he picked me”

Via u/kee-rara

11. “Least to say that he was really excited to come home with us! Meet Billy Mae! (Adopted)”

Via u/iDontMindu

12. “His name is Cheddar-bob :).”

Via u/sneakysheep123

13. “This sweet girl decided one day that she was tired of being homeless, and sat down outside our house crying. Now her name is Lily.”

Via u/bitchcatsandtequila

14. “Meet Murphy! Rescued 3 days ago!”

Via u/Hauserdontpreach

15. “New addition to the family. Walter.”

Via u/chaco-zero

16. “My family recently adopted this tiny girl. Her name is Miko.”

Via u/seexsaw

Would you like to know the biggest benefit of adopting a pet? Well, you will get to save a life! Every year, approximately one million cats and dogs are euthanized simply because too many pets come into the shelter and there are very few people who would consider adopting them. This can be reduced to a drastic extent if only people would start adopting rather than buying the animals.

When you adopt an animal, you will be saving 2 lives actually. How? When you will adopt an animal, you won’t just giving that animal a forever home but also freeing up space for another one! So, you must do the right thing and adopt! Now let’s continue with these wholesome pictures while you get inspired by them!

17. “After years of wanting a dog my wife and I got this 8 week old pup from the rescue. Meet Arwen.”

Via u/iamtombombadil

18. “Picked up new kitten (JellyBean) this week”

Via u/aswal94

19. “Just adopted this baby yesterday and found out her birthday was the day before”

Via u/karebear9340

20. “Meet Herald. He’s a curious one.”

Via u/Soothran

21. “I adopted this 7 y.o. lady just over a month ago. Each day she seems cozier & more playful than the last. She was in a shelter since May 2019 which made me so sad to hear when I met her. She’s incredibly sweet & I am very lucky to have her. “

Via u/catswinemfm

22. “I’m adopting this little guy tomorrow!”

Via u/Cobi6947

23. “My recently adopted stray cat sleeping off the anesthesia after his corrective surgery for hernia!”

Via u/anmolgoyal29

24. Bonus: “During the Texas winter storm I brought this guy inside to make sure he’d survive, I’m starting to think he’s not leaving”

Via u/patatoboy165

25. “Rescued in Puerto Rico, adopted in New York, passed out on the way home.”

Via u/unplugnothing

26. “This boy joined our family 1 week ago “

Via u/geku7

27. “My parent’s new puppy is absolutely adorable.”

Via u/rororobobobo

28. “Meet Penny. My first dog.”

Via u/ccottonball

29. “Meet Maeve! I’ve never been able to have a dog because of rent rules, but now I have my own house, I can have my own pupper! She’s the best decision I have ever made.”

Via u/SweetAndSourTits

30. “Get to bring this girl home tomorrow. This was her as we were leaving the shelter.”

Via u/heydirt

31. “40 years of loving others dogs. I’m finally going to bring my fair share for you to pet. Nina is about to take over my life”

Via u/DangoJC

32. “Day 2 with our new rescue baby! First night was a little rough. Hoping she sleeps better tonight!”

Via u/kbpig

Sadly, we have reached the end of this post but we hope that it brought a smile on your face. Who wouldn’t be happy looking at these adorable animals finding their fureverrr homes with their kind hoomans who are going to be looking after them! Let us know if you have ever adopted an animal and how was that experience? Feel free to share your stories with us into the comments section below.

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