Up-Downs And The Hilarious Life With Cats Depicted In Wholesome Cat Posts

Cats are beautiful. They’re the perfect little creatures anyone could ever ask for. They’re moody, sassy, funny, and adorable. It’s that all we’re ever looking in a friend? Then why even bother when you can get all these qualities in a leetul four-legged pet. Every cat owner might have different point of view about their cat-experience but we know for a fact that they’d all agree on a few things. For instance, they give us purpose to live. We mean who would feed them if you’re gone? They also make you laugh when they act silly and walk away as if nothing happened. Lets not forgot, they’re also the coziest cuddle buddies. Isn’t this enough to love cats? If not, then you’re in for some more cat content that will genuinely fill your heart with nothing but love.

We can’t imagine our lives without cats. And honestly, we wouldn’t want to commit such sin. In a nutshell, they make our lives worth living. And no we don’t need any science to prove it to us. We’ve got all the proof that we need. And we’re going to prove it to you too. Right here. Right now.

Scroll below to see what we’re talking about and decide for yourself.

1. “Gib Mi Attencion”

This kitty is not afraid to ask for it.

2. “Those eyes! “

via u/webkiemtien24h

Those damn eyes. You see that’s where the trouble began…

3. “Me and my bud taking selfies”

via u/1darklord

Only if we looked this cute.

4. “Walked into the veterinary office and this was the only employee around”

via u/natcatbobat

Those eyes look like they don’t wanna be bothered. We shall not.

5. “He pretends like he’s chewing to communicate that he’s hungry!”

‘I ares teh smart kitty’ 

6. “Epic win”

We’re detecting much win in this sector -___-

7. “Now that’s an expression. ?”

via u/DrStaf2014

Yeah, the one your mom makes when you’re telling a funny story.

8. “My sweet old Meatball celebrated a milestone birthday today”

via u/jollibulbs

Hope this cat has a mice day! 😉

9. “Our cat, waffles. Total 25 toes.”

via u/likelylikely

25 has never looked this good.

10. “Is it just me or are cat paws like the cutest thing?”

via u/emotionalrobotic

Guys with feet like these have a 200% chance of stealing your girl. Cutest, isn’t it?

11. “big sniffs”

‘Iz taht Tuna?’

12. “Introducing little Lily, judging my life’s choices since 2018.”

via u/sin1493

This cat has the ability to stare directly into your soul.

13. “Can you tell they’re brother & sister?”

via u/tuck_m

Yeeeeaaahhh. The expressions. Both can kill ya.

14. “Every time.”

via u/BasedOnAir

Basically, if I fits I sits.

15. “Lily the cat loves her hooman dad..”

We wouldn’t mind washing dishes with this baby. All we get are more dishes.

16. “Look at this sweet rice ball”

via u/bitchariii

The fluffier, the better.

Aren’t these cats amazing? We’re hoping by now you’ve already given up what you were busy doing and fully indulged in the cuteness of these cats. C’mon now, don’t lie to us. But you thought we’re done? Nahhh, not even close to done. We’ve still got so much more. Keep scrolling.

17. “Penny is a happy gal”

via u/GillyGooze

Our face literally after we’re done eating.

18. “When I adopted Penny from a shelter 10 years ago she was scared and aggressive. Today she is the most loving cat I have ever met.”

via u/hitthebrownnote

She’s still scared. Scared to leave you alone.

19. “Little meow-meow”

via u/cookeycat

‘I be littul, but I be fierce’

20. “The cat is sleeping while my boyfriend plays”

via u/ritinha_fig

There’s no ‘my’ in We. So you mean, our boyfriend.

21. “this boy is one of the few things that i am proud of my life.”

via u/emrela

We’re very proud of this kitty too.

22. “Its been a year :)”

via u/ursarc

Simply beautiful. And bet those eyes were a surprise.

23. “His first time being caught in the sink and he’s so proud of himself.”

via u/Rikiking

Wait till it becomes a ritual.

24. “I found this cat sitting on a old ruins of ancient city.”

via u/keremkocc

‘Stop taking my pictures, you peasant!’

25. “Sorry for posting so many pictures of my kitten, I just still can’t believe I have a pet.”

via u/letsadoptanalpaca

Never apologize for being too much.

26. “I love moo”

via u/huangqiuhan

We are a-moooo-sed!!

27. “Found this girl in November 2019. She walked right up to the door of my job. I posted on social media seeing if anyone would claim her, but someone said she looked like a stray that hung around the dumpster outside his job. I named her Hops after the

via u/soccermom118

Hops be hopin’ since 2019

28. “the only boy who likes being around me this much”

via u/milktar

And the only boy you really need in life.

29. “We rescued these boys one year ago. Love them.”

via u/DStew713

Turned into beautiful fluffy boys.

30. “I’ve had shadow for 10 years, slept at the foot of my bed for 7 years, can you believe shes 18?”

via u/Kakeyio

Not all angels have wings. Some have whiskers.

31. “This my cat Tiger and she turns 19 tomorrow.”

via u/Leevy805

Big girl having the time of her life.

32. “My parents raised me to hate cats. 6 months after living with a roommate and their cat, I now have a buddy to watch sunsets with.”

via u/Tnachos

You don’t choose cats. Cats choose you.

Lastly, we’d like to add that cats are literally the best company anyone could ever ask for. Even if you don’t, some cats will find you and cuddle with you unless you take them home. These soft and snuggly pets are loving and loyal, even if they don’t show it. But at the end of the day they know who to look at when hungry. That’s it, it’s evident that we can never pay them back for all that they’ve done for us and the joy they’ve brought in our lives. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section below!

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