Life With Cats Is Never Boring & These 20 Photos Prove It

If you don’t live with a cat you probably think of them as adorable and nice little creatures. But if you do live with a cat(s), you definitely know how it actually feels.

For all those who are wondering, we’re talking about the fun times we have with our kitties. You don’t necessarily have to own a cat to know what life with them is like. We’ll help you with that. But first, you need to know that with their cuteness comes a lot of attitude, we still can’t help loving them more and more everyday. The good thing is, they are capable of giving you some serious laughs. And to be honest, we’re all up for it.

Another benefit of having a cat is that you get to see multiple sides of their personalities. They can be gentle, friendly, loving, bossy (that is most of the time but hey, no complaints), and most importantly they can be silly. And a mix of all those? EVEN BETTER. That is exactly what we’re going to see today.

We’ve found 20 times when cats not only expressed their love,we think, but also made us laugh. Scroll down to find more about it.

1. Yeah, you’re probably doing it wrong.

2. Wellll, This kitty is grounded now for sure.

But would ya look at that sass?

3. It had us at that wink.

We’re swooned at first sight.

4. That is one nice student.

God bless this kitty!

5. Errrrmahhhgerddd!

Nope. No ones crying.

6. She came, she purred, she conquered.

it sure is a lovely cat.

7. When your parents let your sibling get away with something.

hmmm totally relatable.

8. We would like some of this chiggin too, pleaseee

That wink tho.

9. From the cats’ perspective, all things belong to cat.

He want it, he got it.

10. Not too bad, is it?

We hope the cat understands…

Nope! We’re not done yet. These are too cute to be done with just yet. Pretty sure this is making all the cat lovers super jealous, they probably just want to reach inside the screen and grab these squishy munchkins and just keep petting them. Lucky for you, we have more for you to love. Happy scrolling!

11. If I fits, I sits.

This big baby sure as hell looks comfortable.

12. The bigger, the better.

Such a cutie…Imagine cuddling with this cat…yeah.

13. Someone’s got a cattitude problem.

Yep, You guessed it right.

14. ‘It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more cats’ -Cynthia E. Varnado.

You were right Cynthia. We can’t.

15. It was this moment when it realized something wasn’t right.

These paw prints are imprinted in our hearts.

16. A cat or shark? Either way…

We chews YOU…

17. When you gotta fit into that favorite outfit of yours…

Confused, but cute.

18. Very very good vibes indeed!

We’d rather spend all our nine lives with cats.

19. Anything is paw-sible when you have a cat.

We’re afraid to ask what happened next.

20. Makes perfect sense in cat logic.

It’s the thought that matters the most…just sayin’

This cuteness is something we’re living for. If it wasn’t for this, we don’t think we’d have survive even a minute. But it’s good to know we can live and breathe happily with cats around. No cat? No problem. We’ve got your back, like always. Share your favorite irresistibly cute cat moments with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear what you’ve got.

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