Imperfectly Perfect Animals That Will Warm Your Cold Heart

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  • August 11, 2020
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People are often a little hesitant to adopt animals who are “imperfect” by conventional standards. It’s not something animal lovers approve of but know exists and happens far too frequently to be ignored. If there’s a cat with a missing limb, or a dog with a missing eye, odds are, they’re not going to be adopted as easily as their non-missing counterparts. It doesn’t even need to be something as severe as a missing limb either, it can be something as simple as being cross-eyed.

That being said, it’s nice to see animals who have these kinds of features, and whose owners were not shallow enough to care. They deserve love as much as the next pet, and it’s wonderfully heartwarming to see that they’re finally getting what they deserve. They come from all sorts of backgrounds, and have all sorts of strange, unusual imperfections, but truth be told, for these pets, their imperfections are what make them so perfect.

#1 Say hello to Scuba!

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Pet Insurance outlined some important information about special-needs pets.

Rochelle Michalek is the executive director of Paws Chicago, a no-kill shelter that rescues and adopts out injured and healthy pets in the Windy City. Animals with disabilities are incredibly adaptable and despite their injuries can still be functional and even find a way to play, she says. “We put animals in homes where there is a commitment to succeed,” says Michalek. People who adopt disabled pets ought to be of the proactive set. The environment at home has got to meet the needs of the pet and owners have to be committed to providing exercise, stimulation and training when necessary.

#2 My friend’s cat, full-derp and extra cute!

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#3 This is Dora and she has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen on a cat.

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#4 Bow to your new cat overlord, Atchoum will stare into your soul…

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#5 The breeders said she was “imperfect” because of her tongue. This is her sticking her tongue out every time someone says she’s “imperfect.”

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#6 My yellow lab was born with a crooked face. Seeing it when I’m feeling blue makes my day 100x better.

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#7 Adopted this tiny weirdo from the shelter! We assume he is a dog.

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#8 Rescue Cat Turns Her Crooked Jaw into a Beautiful Smile

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“Paw’s philosophy is one of education,” says Michalek. “We really talk about the cost of medical care so people in tricky financial situations know what they are taking on.” So at Paws, adopters can opt for a free consultation with a veterinarian to learn how much their pet’s disability could cost over a lifetime. Owners are also encouraged to attend training classes with their dogs (for which they receive a discount for adopting a Paws pet).

#9 Drove three hours to get this guy from a rescue today

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#10 Guys, meet the new derpy cat in the family… Maxwell!

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#11 Eff these other pages, here’s my cat please don’t be judgy, she’s disabled

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#12 The Saddest Cat On The Internet

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#13 Went to get parts for my car, and met this handsome guy, three legs, a severe underbite, ridiculously crooked teeth, and covered in grease and dirt like his owner.

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#14 This is Vincent (van Gogh) the one-eared cat

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Special needs can encompass various disabilities, chronic medical conditions and behavioral issues. Some common problems among cats and dogs include missing one or more limbs, hind limb paralysis, deafness and or blindness, diabetes, allergies, urinary tract infections and lack of socialization. 

Some potential adopters might want to seek out a “Foster to Adopt” program similar to the one at Paws. This policy allows owner two weeks to take home the pet and decide if they’d like to follow through with the adoption allowing them the opportunity to see how the pet fits into their lifestyle and home.

#15 His name is Mingus

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#16 Cat with 2 different colored eyes

© u/SupremeCommunistCat / reddit

#17 So my cat hurt her eye and now one of her pupils stays this big all the time!

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#18 This is my cat Matilda. Photo is not edited, these are her real eyes!

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#19 Beatrix Kiddo, my left for dead kitty with an incredible recovery

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#20 Dobby!

© unknown / imgur

#21 This guy was born without front legs and has been a fighter since day one

© unknown / imgur

#22 As you can see, there are many kinds of cats



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#23 And many kinds of dogs too



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#24 They’re all deserving of our love and affection



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#25 Even if they don’t fit the preconceived notions of a “perfect” pet.



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#26 Or rather, especially then.


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