50 Idiot Cats That’ll Crack You Up

  • By Sara
  • July 8, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

It’s time that we clear the name of dogs when it comes to stupidity.

You must be very well aware of the stereotype about dogs that they aren’t very intelligent. Cats, on the other hand, are known to be very smart and clever. I CALL BULLCRAP. If you’ve owned a cat long enough, you would know that a cat can be one of the least bright creatures on Earth. They are basically idiots. They may act all high and mighty, but in reality, they are just goofy little furballs.

I’m sure the Internet is filled with silly dog pictures everywhere. Well, it’s finally time for felines to take the spotlight. We’ve compiled a list of hilarious idiot cats that forgot how to cat. These will surely crack you up. If you still think cats are smart, think again. Scroll down below to see 50 idiots cats that’ll crack you up:

#1 Left Suit On Floor. Woke Up To This


It’s a burrito!

#2 Oh Crap


New dentures.

#3 Why Did You Get A Cat?


The wheels on the bus go round and round.

#4 Some Cats Bring Their Humans Birds And Mice. Oliver Brings Me Teabags


What a considerate kitty!

#5 We Actually Had To Help Him Down… Idiot


Big, chonky cat can’t jump.

#6 This Is How My Friend Found The Cat In The Bathroom


Meet BatCat.

#7 This Is My Friend’s Cat Eating Dinner


That’s an Octopussy.

#8 He Is Crying Because He Thinks He Is Locked Out. Dumb As A Brick But He Is Mine And I Love Him


Cat VS Door.

#9 My Friend’s Cat Got Its Head Stuck In A Vase, Freaked Out, Broke The Vase, And Was Left With This


I am an Egyptian God.

#10 “I Can’t Leave You Alone For One Second, Can I?”


It’s so tiny!

#11 My Cat Keeps Trying To Steal The Feather Duster, Luckily He Never Gets Too Far


The dog made it look so easy!

#12 You’re Doing It Wrong


You get more food this way!

#13 That’s It. I’m Done. I Am Done Buying Things For My Cat


Thanks for the canopy!

#14 My Cat Is An Idiot But Adorable


She’s having a hard time understanding water.

#15 Putting In Screen Doors For Warmer Weather, My Cat Thinks I Moved The Door


When will my husband return from war?

#16 My Girlfriend’s Cat Loves Doing This Every Morning… Repeatedly


Acro-cat should join a circus!

#17 I Hear My Cat Crying In The Bathroom, Walking In, I See This


Can I get a hand here?

#18 “What Are You Doing Home So Early?”

I was just trying to imitate Superman.

#19 My Cat Is Grounded Indefinitely


This dime must be passed down generations.

#20 Why Can’t He Just Drink Out Of The Bowl Like A Normal Cat?

It’s more fun this way!

#21 The Question Is Not What He Is Doing There But What This Piece Of Ham Is Doing On Him


His life. His choices.

#22 I Know Cats Like To Sleep In Weird Positions, But This Is Probably The Most Ridiculous


Purrfect position.

#23 First Time My Cat Has Seen A Watermelon


Vegan cat.

#24 Idiot Finds Dust Pan Better Than The $25 Cat Bed


Expensive beds always go to waste.

#25 My Cat Might Be Broken, He Drinks His Water By Laying Under The TV Stand And Dipping His Paw In The Bowl


Well, this one surely has a drinking problem.

Cats are really funny, even though they don’t intend to be. Their hilarious shenanigans can keep us entertained for days and we’ll never get tired of their goofiness.  My kitten, Venus, does the same things as these cats and it’s amusing how all cats sometimes forget how they function. Scroll down below for the rest of the idiot cats:

#26 Curiosity And The Cat


How did it go back?

#27 I Think I’ll Sit Right… Here


Beds? What beds?

#28 Save Stupid


“Endearing stupidity.”

#29 This Happened To My 5-Month-Old Maine Coon. She Committed To Falling Asleep In That Position As She Fell Further Down


Proof that cats are liquid.

#30 This Idiot Got Himself Stuck Today


Pressed kitty!

#31 “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake”


That must have been a great shopping spree.

#32 Not Super Bright This One Is

He’s checking if he still fits.

#33 My Cousin’s Cat Still Thinks It’s A Kitten


Time to hit the bottle, big guy.

#34 My Cat Refuses To Use The Cat Door, It’s Now A Cat Window

This cat is going to space.

#35 Cat Wanted To Follow My Dad Outside Into Below Zero Temps


Instant regret.

#36 My Wife Just Texted Me This Picture Of Our Cat From Her Potato Phone


“What’s up?” “Oh, just hangin'”

#37 When You’re Not The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer. The Cat’s Been Staring At This Photo For A Solid 5 Minutes


Poor guy must be hungry.

#38 My Cat Didn’t Even Make It To The Blinds… But He Was Excited To See My Wife Come Home


A leaked scene from the new Mission Impawssible.

#39 My White Cat Attempting To Hide So I Can’t Clip His Nails


Blinds don’t literally make us blind, catto.

#40 Heard You Guys Like Weird Cats. This Is Paul


Paul seems like a silly kitty.

#41 My Friend Found This Derpy Cat Stuck In A Fence


And here is proof that cats are NOT liquid.

#42 How To Trap A Cat


This actually works on cats.

#43 So My Cat Got Her Head Stuck In A Roll Of Tape



#44 Bought Our Kitten A New £40 Bed And Walked In To Find Him Asleep Like This


Too sleepy to care.

#45 “Help”

Me with life.

#46 One Of My Cats Is Mature And Aloof. One Is An Idiot. Try And Guess Which One Is Which


There is always that one person in the family.

#47 He’s Got A Full Bowl Of Water Inside. Moron


My cat prefers water from the bathroom’s floor too.

#48 This Is Chai. He Climbs This Ladder Every Night And Then Cries That He Is Stuck


Why am I the way I am?

#49 Reflexes


Great cat-like reflexes.

#50 Not Very Smart Or Just Asshole?

Do you still think cats are smart creatures? Or did this article change your mind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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