A Hilarious 10-Step Guide Explaining How To Give A Cat A Pill

  • By Hashir
  • June 20, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

You think life is easy with cats?

Well, then it seems like you’ve never maintained one. Cats have a free will and they ought to be respected for it. No human can go against it, else they will be pushed into the pit of ignorance’s dungeon. Cats demand all our attention and obedience. They have a pronounced disrelish towards bath time, going to vet and taking pills. However, these tasks can’t be ignored as they’re for the cat’s own wellbeing. Cat owners have to go through hell for the successful completion of the se tasks.

Nick Filippou who’s a crazy cat daddy and also the creator of I iz cat comics, has created a hilarious step-by-step guide to giving a pill to your cat. Lots of proud kitty parents can relate and the newbies can take notes. Scroll down to be guided.

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Step 1: Get protection.

Step 2: Don’t be vulnerable.

Giving medication to your sick little furball is nothing less than a one-on-one combat. They dislike taking medicins as much as following orders and retaliate when you force them to swallow the pills or any kind of liquid medication. However, you can hide the pill in a treat and feed it to your cat. There are many treats available that specialize in feeding medicines to cats. But there are high chances that the cat will eat the treat and leave the pill untouched. Cats are very intelligent in that regard.

Step 3: Make a cat burrito.

Step 4: Do not be spellbound by the cute expressions. It’s a trap.

Step 5: Find shelter.

Step 6: Ready, aim, fire!!

Step 7: Eye contact is a very dangerous thing.

Step 8: Attack!

Step 9: The devil is back in the shadows.

Step 10: Prepare for the next battle.

Filippou has given us some great pieces of advice in a funny way like wrapping your cat in a towel and using something to shoot the pill. These tips will definitely come in handy next time we have to give medicine to our cat. Nick is also an author and a proud dad of a beautiful little kitty named Minnie. He adopted Minnie from a shelter where he was volunteering. Fillippou said:

“She was formerly was a feral cat from Little Flower Rescue, and I got to meet her as a volunteer. I fell in love immediately.I had another former feral, named Sylvia, who sadly passed away last year.She was a tortoiseshell cat with three legs. I adopted both of them at the same time about four years ago. Sylvia had some serious tortitude‚Ķ but she was a loyal and very cute cat. I miss her every day.”

Meet Minnie! Isn’t she adorable?

Those eyes are magical. How can one not fall in love with her?

People have the best reactions to this 10-step guide. This is what they had to say.

It appears all the cat parents are on the same page.

Whoa! She deserves a round of applause!

Hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and have taken notes. If you have some advice that may be useful to others, please share it in the comments below. Also, share this informative post with other cat parents so they can benefit from this too!

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