Hilarious Snaps Of Cats Living The Best Cat Life (25 New Pics)

No matter where they are, cats will make sure they are having a time of their nine lives. They know exactly what to do to keep themselves entertained. Well, they are certainly cute like that.

Ever since the camera was invented, people were obsessed with taking pictures of themselves with their pets. Taking pictures started to get easier when smart phones and camera phones replaced the big ol’ cameras. And now, we have apps such as Instagram, and snapchat, amongst others, to share snippets of our days. Just one click and bam! you’ve got yourself an amazing, filtered photo. Sharing pictures was never as easy as it is now. People, however, haven’t changed one bit! They still love sharing their pet pictures with the world and that has worked out well for us, cat lovers, who love looking at all the puuurr-fect cat snapchats.

If you haven’t added a cat owner to your snapchat, we suggest you go do that asap! But, in the meanwhile, lets enjoy these adorably hilarious snapchats.

1. These two are literally made for each other!

Yeah! You go dad. More power to you for being such a nice and comfy hooman.

2.  I’ve always had a thing for biker gangs.

This one in particular is hella cute!

3. The level of dedication though.

4. This is a very special cat.

Also, the cat printer ran out of ink, probably.

5. And they lived happily ever after.

I’m so glad they found each other.

6. HUMAN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING… why aren’t you using the litter?

Also, what is this smell. Gosh Darnit!

7. This must be more comfier than the bushes.

8. We all know she’s going to be the one to give in.

Wonder what the argument was about though…

9. This is what happens when you don’t share with your cat.

10.  Not sure who’s trying to fit in to whose life.

11. And it was at this point, that she knew what she had done.

12. You have made a terrible mistake, hooman.

They are hilarious, aren’t they? Don’t worry, this isn’t the end. We’ve got more for you that would certainly make picking favorites difficult for you. Keep scrolling for more of these cute snapchats.

13. Could you get any more angrier than that?

14. True love!

Even if they don’t love humans, at least they love each other.

15. I know you’ve tricked me human.

How come this isn’t as warm as it normally is.

16. Can’t wait to devour this deliciousness.

17. Maybe it’s a concert. You never know!

18. Rachel did WHAT to Ross? WOW!

19. Wonder what this one is plotting against.

20. Just act like nothing happened.

21. It was at this moment, that she knew, things aren’t going to end well.

There is no turning back now. Quiet literally.


A heaven for cats.

23. Maybe she’s just trying to hide.

Or want to keep an eye on you, secretly.

24. Take them both, human. Don’t separate them.

25. Ahh! How lucky this human must feel to be the chosen one.

Sadly, we’ve reached the end now. What did you think of these snaps? Do you have any that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones to make their day better.

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