Golden Rules For Life As Told by Husky Dogs

Golden Rules For Life As Told by Husky Dogs

  • By Saif
  • 7 months ago
  • 4 minutes read

Want to learn some rules for a happy life?

Siberian Huskies developed the reputation of being a tough breed. They have really fierce eyes, a profound howl and endless tolerance. But there’s more to Huskies than these firm characteristics. Siberian huskies have a softer side. Which is what makes them such amazing pets. Sweet demeanour and loving nature of Huskies is loved by everyone. This combination of tough and soft is rare. This combination is actually what makes Huskies so phenomenal! They are anything but average.

Their charismatic nature and free-spiritedness make Huskies so unusual. Eagerness is a part of huskies personality. They are vivacious and mischievous animals. They are usually very fun-loving, energetic, friendly, athletic and strong. People who own Husky will vouch for it every time! And they will give you a hundred reasons why husky is the most perfect pet for you. So if you want a jolly, excited pet who jumps and runs around all day, we think we have a perfect option for you.

If given proper care and attention, Husky can make a lovely and loyal companion! This article revolves around words of wisdom from a Husky! Huskies have let out the secret of a happy and healthy life. If you want to be content and happy like a husky, you are in the right place. Just scroll down and read the rules for life by Husky!

1. Always surprise everyone with your charm!

You’re charming and no one can tell you otherwise!

2. Never let bullies bring you down.

Don’t forget, whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you!

3. Be natural and never be an easy target.

Candid is the way to life!

4. Panicking is not a Husky thing. Always think of a solution.

Panic will get you nowhere, so just chill and think of how to get out of a bad situation.

5. Ignore everyone who tells you ‘You can’t do it.’

Naysayers are not to be focused upon. Period.

6. Your emotions are not for hiding. Show them!

Displaying your emotions and speaking about them will not make you weak, it will actually help you!

7. Your comfort should be your number one priority.

Everyone becomes selfish when it comes to their comfort, so should you!

8. Always act like a boss!

So always sit like you own the place.

9. Don’t let go of good opportunities.

Yes, pull harder kid!

10. Always make sure that your owner sees your face first thing in the morning!

Because your face is so pretty, it will surely bring good luck to your owner.

11. Do your thing without the fear of being judged.

You go, girl! Don’t give a sh*t about them!

12. Never lose focus.

Alertness is required all the time.

13. Make eye contact, it will get you whatever you want.

Want extra biscuits? Just keep looking into the eyes of your owner.

14. Never leave your friend behind!

Always keep in mind that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

15. Water games are not be skipped. They are really fun!

Splish splash in the water!

Well, I have given you the secret of a happy life. I will definitely follow these rules because I am sure it will have a positive impact on my life. What do you think? Will you follow these rules? Or will you skip any of the above mentioned rules? If yes, then which one? We would love to know about your opinions and thoughts on this, feel free to write them in the comments section below!

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