Get A Cat They Said, It Will Be Fun They Said” It’s Not Fun (50 Pics)

  • By Hashir
  • July 27, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

Life with cats is always an adventure.

Sometimes, it’s a wild rollercoaster ride and other times it’s a smooth drive on a highway. Although you are in no position to choose either as it’s always the cat who decides. Cat is the owner of the house, the maker of rules. We are just peasants living in their kingdom following their orders and surviving each day.

There are many cat rules and we are bound to follow them all or else we shall suffer the consequences. By consequence we mean our cat pooping in the sink, sitting on a pizza slice, spoiling a perfectly good Pokemon card game or a Chess game in a win-win situation along with many other things on the list like peeing in our shoes and watching us while we shower. Internet is full of photos and stories of cat shenanigans. We can’t help but addictively read them and laugh. Here we would like to present you 50 photos of cats doing what they do best—boss around being a cat. Scroll down and check them out.

“We heard weird noises coming from this room. We just came to check.”

Credits: reddit.com

“That’s my slice! I own it.”

Credits: reddit.com

“Find yourself a new bed.”

That’s not your cupboard to mess with, cat!

Credits: h-h-c

“I Guess It’s Time To Talk To My Cat About Her Changing Body”

“It’s mine! I am the only baby in this house.”

It’s no ordinary cat… It’s a spidercat.

“Spidercat, Spidercat, Does Whatever Realy Hurts…”‘

“No, Hooman. You are not allowed to play any game without me, especially the ones I don’t understand.”

Credits: HanSoloCanYouGo

“Think You Can Play Chess Around Her? Think Again. She Always Wins”

“Hooman. You only have one job and it’s to pet me.”

“What Happens If I Try To Do Things Other Than Pet My Kitties…”

Do not fall for that innocent face.

Credits: ambereberry1

“This The Face Of An Asshole Who Chewed Through Three Iphone Chargers Last Night… I Believe This Is A Face Of Revenge Not Remorse!”

“What is my hooman hiding in there? Maybe, my special treats.”

“My Cat, Riker, Isn’t The Sharpest Claw In The Paw. I Have No Idea What He’s Doing.”

“No, you can’t play pokemon. Feed me first.”

“My Jerk Cat Ruined My Pokémon Game As Soon As I Laid Down My Strongest Card”

“Look, hooman. I got a snake for snack. “

“Hmm… that looks like a nice spot to nap.”

Cats have a habit of napping in the most unusual spots and in absolutely weird sleeping postures. You would remove the shower curtain in the morning just to find your cat sleeping in the bathtub like it owns the place. You would drag a chair to sit on it and find your cat sleeping on it. Sometimes, when they’re just a kitten, you’ll find one sleeping in a mug or your coat pocket. That’s just what cats do. They love squeezing into confined spaces and napping there. Once you start living with cats, you get used to them and their habits. Life is undoubtedly full of surprises if you are a cat owner.

Maybe, sometimes a cat needs a break from the cardboard boxes.

We can smell some vengeance in this picture.

Credits: HanSoloCanYouGo

“Get A Cat They Said. It Will Be Fun They Said” – The Day She Pooped In The Sink

“Hmm… I smell tuna. Gimme some of what you’re having, hooman. Or else, I will unleash my anger upon this dog.

“That’s how I sit, now deal with it!”

 “My Sis’s Cat Forgot How To Cat. Where’s His Front Arms At??”

That’s also a form of cat revenge. Some people would have to go out with unwiped butts.

Cats are making great progress in their mission to take over the world. Now, they are attending online classes.

“My Cat Is Slowly Trying To Be Me. Next Thing You Know, He’ll Be Attending School.”

This cat has claimed the bassinet. “Meow, er I mean gu, gu, ga, ga.”

Cats trying to stay updated. They must know what’s going on in the country.

“You Want To Read The News? Nope. (Bonus: In The Middle Of My Clean Clothing)”

Looks like this kitty has a good sense of aesthetics.

“Laying On Some Of My Hooman Painting And Drawing Paper”

Human feet are a threat to this catto.

“Lola Likes To Sneak In At Night And Attack Feet.”

“I like your blanket, hooman. Now, it’s mine.”

“The Face He Made After Conquering My Favorite Blanket”

“Err, you sleep in such an ugly manner hooman.”

“I Woke Up Today And I’m Guessing Someone Was Watching Me During My Sleep”

“I nap here, It’s mine now.”

“I Love This Chair And Somebody Stole It!”

“No, hooman. You shall not do the jigsaw.”

“I Love This Chair And Somebody Stole It!”

Roger says NO.

” Ruger, I’m Trying To Pack. Yeah, So…”

“Nope, no car wash. Because I said so.”

“Nay, Human- There Shall Be No Car Washing This Day.”

“I watch you while you work.”

“Lou Walks All Over My Work-Space. He Now Has A Work (Sleep) Space Of His Own.”

“Hooman, I will help.”

This feline is a lego expert. WOW!

“I’m A Very Good Lego-Building Helper….”

“Good meowning hooman.”

“Everyday In Bathroom”

“Hooman, you’re pathetic at this.”

” He’s The Reason Why I Die So Often”

This cat is staring right into our soul.

“Hooman, we’re going with you. We’ve packed ourselves.”

“You Weren’t Planning To Leave Wihout Us We Guess…?!”

“Your paintings make good mattress.”

“Hooman, I like this chair. It’s mine.”

” No Human, You Cannot Transport Your Infant Child, This Car Seat Is Mine Now.”

“Oh, that’s fresh laundry!”

This cat has more table manners than many of us.

” Murphy Our Rescue Cat Eats When My Son Sits At The Island. He Doesn’t Climb On The Counter And Sits And Eats Meals With Us…”

“Peak-a-boo, I see you!”

“She Scared The Shit Out Of Me”

“That’s a nice spot to curl up and nap.”

“We have taken over the bed. You can sleep on the floor from now on hooman.”

“Get A Cat They Said, And Get A New Bed While You’re At It!!”

“I’m not allowed on the leather couch, hun!”

” I’m Not Allowed On The New Leather Couch. I’m Fully Aware Of That….. ;-)”

“You are not allowed to draw hooman.”

Three brothers stalking their lunch outside the window.

“One Bird, 3 Cats”

That’s a monstrous cat.

“This Is Lagertha, Earl Of The Shred Box. This Is After I Made The Mistake Of Trying To Add Paper To The Box While She Was In Residence.”

“Nope, hooman. That wasn’t me.”

“I Just Finished Applying The First Layer On My Table And Then…”

“Thanks for the water hooman.”

“Hello, hooman. So, that’s how you take a bath. Pfft peasant!”

Cats are all fun and mysterious. That we know for sure. Let us know in the comments what your cat does to make you think keeping her is not fun. Don’t forget to share with other cat owners to see if they can relate.

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