20 Pics Of German Shepherd Puppies That Prove They're The Cutest

20 Pics Of German Shepherd Puppies That Prove They’re The Cutest

  • By Sara
  • January 12, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

It is time for these majestic dogs to get some appreciation.

German Shepherds are generally medium to big sized dogs, so they attract a lot of attention wherever they go. They can grow up to 60 cm and live up to 13 years, which is also the average life expectancy for most dogs. This breed was originated in Germany, which is somewhat obvious from their name. German Shepherds are used as herding, guard, and companion dogs. This breed is known to be very intelligent and playful, so they are usually very fun to have around. They stay alert most of the time, so they will look after your house. They are loyal and affectionate, so they will make for an amazing addition to your family.

Even though all these personality traits mean they have a very good temperament, one can not ignore the fact that they are really cute. However, I have another question for you. What can be cuter than German Shepherds? German Shepherd puppies, of course! We have compiled 20 adorable pictures of German Shepherd pups for you to “aww” at. Scroll down below and enjoy:

1. All snuggled up with his best friend.


2. Look at those perked up ears.


3. German Shepherds are very curious dogs.


4. I got you a donut.


5. This is me during my Zoom class.


6. Are you sure that is a dog? Looks like an otter to me.

7. All ready for Halloween.


8. When you’re so tired you can sleep anywhere, anytime.


9. Posing for the photo.


10. What a boop-able nose.


German Shepherds will be a part of your family once you realize how warm and cozy their cuddles are. They love cuddling and are generally very loving dogs. They are trustable canines that you can count on. Because they are so intelligent, it is very easy to train them. This is why a lot of German Shepherds also serve in police forces. So not only are they friendly and affectionate, but they can also be very serious with their duties! Scroll down below for more cute German Shepherd puppies:

11. When you can smell the food cooking in your sleep.


12. Their adorable head tilts can melt our hearts.


13. On a shopping spree.


14. Look at his small teefies.


15. Can I pet this good boy?


16. Pure black beauty.


17. Such a playful baby.


18. She looks so happy.


19. When you’re so busy playing you forget to put your tongue back in your mouth.


20. I want to go on adventures with a German Shepherd too.


Don’t you think these babies are just adorable? Have you ever kept a German Shepherd in your house? What kind of pets were they? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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