Cat Owners Share How Cat Body Language Is Often Misinterpreted By ‘Dog People’

Cat Owners Share How Cat Body Language Is Often Misinterpreted By ‘Dog People’

  • By Hashir
  • October 29, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats are the most misunderstood animals. Most people who have never really lived with cats, assume that they are extremely evil creatures and that they are selfish. However, that’s not the case. Behind every cat behavior, there’s a hidden meaning. They are not like dogs, they are different. We’ve seen dog owners complain about cats not being friendly enough, being lazy and ignorant. One thing they all fail to understand is that they’re not like dogs. They have their own personality and they express love differently as compared to dogs.

Cats are very gentle beings. They do care for their caregivers and value them. They even miss them when they aren’t around. It’s just that not everyone understands their nature and reads all the signs. People complain that cats scratch them and don’t like to be touched and that they are rude. While in reality, cats are just being playful and they don’t mean to hurt anyone. There sure are a list of things they dislike just like dogs do, but they are not evil or hateful. To explain what exactly each cat behavior means, Tumblr user Rabbit In Headlights posted a rant on her Tumblr page. Scroll down and read the whole thing.

Cats are not “mean”.

They’re just play-fighting.

Belly rubs are accepted only if the cat is not ticklish.

Pet them more and pet them right.

They’re simply comfortable around you.

Be gentle with them.

Cats don’t need to blink often.

Slow blinking means cat kisses.

Cats are not like dogs…

Cats trust you.

It’s all about trust.

Cats do this to other cats too.

It’s a buddy thing.

They feel safe around you.

But farts are just farts.

We’re glad someone addressed these misunderstandings and people are now understanding the truth. It was extremely important as a lot of people don’t respond to cats as well as they deserve to be responded. Cats are supposed to be treated with kindness and love. They shouldn’t be treated like dogs because they are very different from them. Cats and dogs are like north pole and south pole, both are in the opposite direction to each other. How can people expect them to behave and respond in the same way? After Rabbit In Headlights’s post another person also took the liberty to discuss this matter. Scroll down to read what they posted.

More reasons to adore cats.

Cats are just grooming you.

Cats meow to interact with humans.

Cats are just royal beings.

An expression of happiness.

Cats have good long term memories.

Cats actually wait for us when we’re not around.

Dogs are completely different.

Glad someone understands this difference.

Next time if you see a cat and think it’s evil, just think again and try to decode the body language of the cat. The just want love, pets and food. They’re the sweetest pet ever. Are there some more signs that are misinterpreted? Let us know all about them in the comments below.

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