50 Examples Of Cat Logics That Humans Will Never Understand

  • By Sara
  • June 28, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

I wish cats could speak.

When you adopt a cat, it doesn’t remain a pet anymore. It becomes family. Your cat is now your best friend. Your entire day is spent with your furry feline friend by your side. Eventually, their habits become familiar to you and vice versa. You know they’ll wake you up at 6 AM to ask for breakfast. When you’re sad or crying, your cat will curl up next to you and comfort you. You both speak to each other through your actions.

However, sometimes your cat will surprise you. It will do something so weird or unexpected and you won’t be able to figure out the logic behind it. That’s when you will wish you knew cat language. Cats are weird like that. They do things that humans just can’t comprehend. Want some examples? Scroll down below to see some hilarious cat logics that humans will never understand:

(h/t: justsomething)

1. This Is My Friends Cat Eating Dinner


Error 404: Cat.exe has stopped working.

2. Cat Logic


Cardboard boxes > Everything else.

3. You’re Doing It Wrong


Maybe if I step in it, I’ll get more food.

4. Seriously? Cat Logic


It’s actually a weight check.

5. Finally Found A Perfect Place To Sit

Beds? What beds?

6. Cat Logic


How are cats this flexible?!

7. Don’t Sit On The Keyboard?


Dude, why is there an assprint on my screen?

8. Got My Cat A Bed For Christmas


TWO presents? A bed and a box?! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!

9. Still Trying To Figure Out The Logic Behind This One


If the human is drinking out of it, it must have Holy water.

10. Why do cats complicate their lives?


11. Double Bed

It’s more comfortable this way.

12. They love breaking the rules.


Who likes being normal anyway?

13. This Is A Perfect Place For Me To Sit

Soft bed!

14. No Space Is Too Tight


“Impossible” does not exist in my dictionary.

15. This Is How My Cat Eats


Well, at least you won’t have to worry about any of it getting on the floor.

16. BOX!


I just can’t decide!!!

17. How To Trap A Cat


This is cool and all, but what the hell are those scissors?

18. You Don’t Want To Read, You Want To Pet And Love Your Kitty


It’s a kitty bookmark!

19. I Bought Him A New House. He Made Himself At Home


The box is comfier than your stupid bed.

20. Cat Logic: Comfortable



21. Cat Logic Always Works


This is not going to end well.

22. Cat Logic: Comfy Cat Bed Or Shoes? Shoes


This smells GREAT!

23. Comfy Living

Perfect place to hang out.

24. Best Place In Da Hause

Look at that tummy!

25. I Deserve To Be The Only Thing In Your Lap

Give me ALL your attention!

Look at these cute babies. What even goes on in their heads though? It’s beyond me. I’m used to all this nonsense behaviour though. I have a kitten named Venus and she does the exact same things. You might not understand why they do this, but you learn to live with it.

26. Logical Cat

Hey sweetheart, how you doin’?

27. He Has His Own Bowl, But Prefers The Dog’s


That doesn’t even look comfortable. WHY?

28. No Homework

When you miss your deadline because of your cat.

29. Yes Human, Your Violin Needy Another Home Now.

Let’s listen to some meowsic.

30. My Girlfriend’s Cat Has Some Pretty Solid Logic: The Glass Is Empty And Useless To Him? Push It Off The Table


They enjoy your misery as they watch you pick up the pieces.

31. Enter In A Shoe

What? It’s warm.

32. Cat Logic

Okay, that’s a first. They usually sit on top of them.

33. Best View Ever

She is probably just mad at you.

34. My Turn To Play

He’s so tiny!

35. The Box Is Better…

Let the robot charge in peace.

36. Nice & Cold

I hope they don’t consider the cat as food.

37. Must Use Less Of That Fur-tiliser Next Time!

Call me “plant.”

38. I Can Wear It!!!

She looks far better than you in these shoes.

39. Nice View

No sun? That’ll do.

40. 1337-catmobile

Just riding around town in my cat-illac.

41. Pizza With Extra Cat

42. At Least His Tail Seems To Be Comfortable…

This is how I sleep and then complain about back problems.

43. I Likes To Read Before Sleeping.

Book worm? Nah, book-cat!

44. Puma’s Logic

Puma in Adidas.

45. I’ll Just Hang Here

“Why are you covered with cat hair?”

46. Would You Like A Salad With That?

47. I Will Give You Permission When It’s Time To Draw

This is why I never get things done.

48. Adaptation To Cat Standards

That’s a nice chin rest.

49. Well, Don’t You Look Comfy!

Why is this bread loaf sitting on top of you?

50. A Cat That Can Read.

What did you think of these hilarious photos? Do you know why cats do these things? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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