40 Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar For Their Acts

40 Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar For Their Acts

  • By Malaika
  • 12 months ago
  • 6 minutes read

Cats can be very dramatic.

Usually, they will be bi-polar with their behavior. One moment they will be cuddling with you, the other they will be scratching your face. However, there are times when they are great actors. For example when you catch them doing something they are not supposed to do. They will act like they weren’t just caught red-handed.

Honestly, if there was an option for cats in the Oscars, they will win every spot. That is why today we have compiled some of the most hilarious cats caught amidst doing dramatic acts. So don’t let me waste any more of your precious time and scroll on below to take a look for yourself.

#1 When you’re excited for the road trip.

Via This_Geig

#2 After you over-stuff yourself.

Via SafeNafe

#3 This was not what she had expected from snow.

Via tessa.lv

#4 ‘Love me and only me!’

Via nanatalada

My Cat Disapproves Of Human-Dog Love. I Didn’t Even Know She Could Do That Face.

#5 ‘Help me Hooman!’

Via supersonics

Never Let Go Rose, Never Let Go…

#6 I will do whatever you want me to.


#7 ‘Oh no, What have I done?’

You’d have that miserable look too, if you were unable to catch a treat(lower left) tossed your way. -John L

#8 ‘How could you forsake me like this?’

When Your Owner Gets A Dog.

#9 I knew you lied to me.

Via B-rry

Took Porkchop To The Vet Today. This Was The Before And After Pics. This Was The Look I Got The Entire Ride Home.

#10 What is this?

Via manychairs

We Forgot To Tell Our Cat That We Had A Baby.

#11 Damn, This scared me.

Via pipertakespictures

#12 I will get revenge for this!

Via thinkadinky

When I’m on holiday and the weather is shity..My face. The same. -Lore Leaha

#13 This is truly heartbreaking.

Via Chieres

This is cute and also a bit sad, not so dramatic.. -Hans

#14 “Hooman, you disgust me.”

Via suitedman

#15 When you realize you’re stuck.

Via BraveReddit

The Stages Of Cat Panic.

#16 Reaching towards the sun.

It’s time for my morning yoga. F*ck ‘downward dog!’ This is Upward Cat! Much better pose! -Molly Block

#17 These eyes are everything.

Via uppercase

That’s the look before it pounces. I’ve been pounced many a time. -Sweep the Leg

#18 When you finish a show and feel empty.

Via Jayn88

#19 ‘How can you eat?’

Via Matind

I Kicked Over My Cats Milk And Had No Replacement. He Sat Opposite Me As I Ate My Dinner Looking At Me Like This.

#20 Listen to me and rise!

Via DanD0tCom

#21 The kitty had not yet finished looting.

Via SplatterFrogs

I Was Supposed To Die In There. It Was My Destiny!

#22 ‘Oh my head… It’s bursting.’

Via stinkylinkydingdong

My Boyfriend Warned Me About His Dramatic Cat But I Wasn’t Ready For This.

#23 And scene.

This is Soo Shakespearean. -John L

#24 What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Via slartibar

#25 What is this greenery?

Via JayOtt

Seeing As The Weather Is Nice, I Took My Indoor Cat-Boy Out To Sit By The River For The First Time. He Was Very Confused.

#26 You deserve all the hate.

Via Bprior6

The Face Your Cat Gives You After You Forget About Him Being Outside All Night.

#27 Giving yourself a timeout to make others feel guilty.

Via spawnofthedevil

#28 She wants to claim insurance.

Via DontPetTheCamels

#29 The kitty is not happy about this turn of events.

Via Local306

I Introduced My Cat To My Newborn Daughter.

#30 ‘What did you just say?’

Via neelix-and-friends

#31 She is offended.

#32 Who would have thought cats don’t like rain?

Via Kithit

#33 ‘The sniper shot me!’

Via sparrowtm

The True (Overly Dramatic) PC Master Race Cat.

#34 That was mine!

Via bunnyfood

When You Catch Your Roommate Eating Your Ice Cream.

#35 ‘Open the door right now!’

Via hotdutchovens

#36 Draw me like one of those french kitties.

My Cat Poses Like This When You Pull Out Your Phone.

#37 This dog is ruining my vibe.

#38 Is this only for me?

Via mwpfinance

You Call This A Christmas Tree??

#39 I am not in the mood.

Via cosmillo_blanco

“Don’t. You. Touch. Me. I saw you petting that dog. O, the betrayal….” -Wyndmere

#40 What are you doing?

Via sunshinetay

Is your cat as dramatic as the ones shown above? Let us know in the comments below.

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