18 Dogs Who Have Human DNA & Function Like Humans

  • By Hashir
  • September 23, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

They say when you spend too much time with someone, there comes a point where you start to look like that person. You develop the habits that person has, you also start to talk like them and you even start to think like them. We never believed it to be true until we came across some dog photos that have a close resemblance to humans.

Some dogs act like humans and others are doppelgangers of humans. We are amazed to see how much a dog can look like a man. We’re two very different species and share no similarities in DNA, but dogs still manage to act and look like humans. It means they are highly adaptive to their surroundings and blend in with humans well. Maybe that’s why they’re known to be our best friends. Here are 18 photos of dogs we found on the internet today. These dogs have human DNA and function like humans. Scroll down and check them out.

Here is a doggo that shares an uncanny resemblance with William H. Macy.

Presenting Dobby from the house elf.

This doggo enjoyes taking selfies with owner.

This doggo has a strong resemblance to a 45-year-old man.

That’s just a man dog, resting his arm on the arm rest and paying attention to what is being said.

Dogs are popularly known for sitting in weird postures. Sometimes, these postures are the same as a human’s. It seems like they’re well trained to sit like us, but the truth is they’re not. It all comes naturally. Dogs are just great observers and they have quick learning powers. They keenly observe humans in their surrounding and then they try to act just like them. Just look at the dog in the above photo. It’s clearly sitting like a human would sit on a lazy sunday morning.

This Dog looks like a man wearing a dog suit.

That’s a mob boss in the car.

“A friend of mine posted a pic of her dog. It looks like it has a man’s face.”

Looks like a middle aged man in the shower.

“My aunt’s dog looks like the side-eyeing Chloe.”

This doggo looks like a sad kid who’s grounded by parents.

This dog is running for president.

That’s no ordinary dog. It’s a 19th-century philosopher.

“My dog looks like a mini Chewbacca.”

“Looks like my dog is trying to hit on someone at a bar.”

“My friend’s dog looks like Clint Eastwood.”

“My dog looks like Shelley Duvall.”

We thought it was a girl…

All these dogs surprisingly have a close resemblance to humans. Some of them are absolutely uncanny. Let us know what do you guys think in the comments below.

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