10 Pics Of Dogs Who Just Don’t Understand Fences

  • By Saif
  • November 12, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Does your dog know what a FENCE means? Or does he just ignore it?

Watching our little puppers engage themselves in goofy behaviours is certainly one of the best things about a dog-ownership, isn’t it? The number of hours that you have spent laughing hysterically at your dog searching for his favourite toy in the middle of the night or trying to tuck himself into sleep, is hard to count. We often wonder, do they have a sense of humour or is it just their cute personality that makes them so goofy and silly?

Well, it would be fair to say that there are some dogs who’s life motto is simple, “it’s not worth doing if it doesn’t cause a furor!” and this surely makes such dogs a great pleasure for their hoomans. They remain unpredictable at most of the times and that is certainly one of the best parts of owning a doggo.

Now, coming back to our main topic of today which is, does your little pupper understands what a fence is? Because we are in a bit of a situation here and can’t really decide if our little puppers just plan to ignore all the fences intentionally or are they scared of them? In regards to that, we have gathered up a few pictures which we would like you to see and provide your opinions. Let’s scroll down.

1. He wouldn’t stop poking his face through this fence so…

We made it a photo booth!

2. You are planning to jump, aren’t you?

“Of course not, hooman. I was just admiring the colour of this beautiful fence”

3. A good vantage point, maybe?

That is a cool shot though!

4. Look at these sneaky little puppers!

“Pssh, let me try to get in first!”

5. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

“If only I could dig through this stupid fence!”

These doggos are so curious, aren’t they? I mean, just look at them! They just want to break all the rules and go to the places which are forbidden! And no, that’s not it. There are more pictures which are going to crack you up! Keep scrollin’, folks!

6. They are too curious to know what’s on the other side!

Doggos be like, “Bob, are you seeing what I am seeing? It’s a whole new world here!”

7. Oh lord! Such a CUTIE!

“Hello, ma’am. I’m Mr Cuddles, can I have some food?”

8. Little fence for little doggo.

But he still decided to cross it out of curiosity!

9. Dapper!

“Aye, what you lookin’ at? This is my territory!”

10. Don’t hurt yourself!

“Hey, look at me, I can climb through it!”

Well, we have reached the end of it. What do you think? Do they do it for fun, out of curiosity or they just like to break the hooman rules? Regardless of whatever the reasons are, they never fail to amuse us with their adorable silly little acts! Which picture did you like the most? Let us know into the comments section below.

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