Every Dog Lover Will Love This Guide To The “Dogs Of The World”

  • By Saif
  • November 30, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

This one’s dedicated to all the hardcore dog lovers out there!

Dogs are one of the most famous and most loved creatures in the world alongside cats! Both of the species possess unique traits which are equally adorable but hey, this article is exclusively reserved for the dog lovers, so, we are gonna have to excuse the cat lovers! Dogs are well known for providing unconditional love to their hoomans and their loyalty, of course! People all around the world have their own choices when it comes to having a dog as a pet. Some would prefer a german shepherd while some would opt for a rottweiler. A majority of the world is madly in love with huskies for their strikingly beautiful eyes and gorgeous appearance. But even hardcore dog lovers are not aware of the types of breeds that exist around the world.

There are numerous dog breeds which you probably haven’t even heard of. It’s like every country has produced its own set of dog breeds and today, we are going to discover that! Before we proceed, we would like to thank the brilliantly talented artist who goes by the name of Lili Chin, as he created a poster series which is called, “Dogs of the World” and that guide has everything you need to know about the different breeds of dogs that exist all around the world! So, without any further ado, let’s go ahead and check it out! Scroll down to get started.

1. Let’s start with our adorable little Asian puppers!

You probably never heard of Pekingese, have you? Or Formosan?

2. Damn, I don’t even know more than half of these Australian puppers!

But they look adorable for sure.

3. I think we are gonna need a translator to pronounce those names…

But Belgian doggos look cute!

4. Ah, we are pretty sure everyone knows the entire species of Canadian dogs, right?

These puppers are pretty famous.

5. Again… does anyone in here knows how to pronounce their names?

That last one looks so adorable though and yep, never heard of these puppers too. Have you?

6. Okay, English dogs are pretty famous too and a lot of people has them as their pets.

Do you have any of these breeds?

7. Basset hound and blood hound are the only puppers that we have heard of.

We have seen them in some of the most famous cartoons as well!

We are halfway through and would like to take out some time to admire what this artist has done. How brilliantly he has drawn every breed of pupper! Although, we believe that every dog is beautiful in their own way regardless of the preferences because whenever there’s a preference, people are more inclined towards buying a pupper rather than adopting one. So, always try to adopt one rather than buying one. Anyways, there are a lot more breeds that you still haven’t heard of, so we suggest that you keep on scrollin’ until the end.

8. Now comes the most famous breed of all!

We are sure that you know each and every one of these puppers because well, they are that famous all around the world!

9. Irish dogs are well known for their cute appearences.

Just look at them!

10. Want a small doggo as a pet who never grows up?

Get one of these!

11. Yep, we know that you have got your eyes on the Siberian husky, haven’t you?

We love this lot of handsome and gorgeous puppers!

12. Have you ever come across a Scottish dog?

Or ever kept one as a pet?

13. Corgi lovers, please stand up.

Welsh dogs are adorable.

14. Last but not the least, our adorable American puppers!

We bet you might not know some of them too, do you?

We have reached the end of this amazing post and we hope that now you have enough information about the dog breeds and where they come from! Now that you have learnt about the types of dogs that exist in the world, you can proudly call yourself a hardcore dog lover! Let us know which set of breed do you like the most, into the comments section below.


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