Confused Golden Retriever Freezes After Spotting His Human In The Mirror While Playing Hide And Seek

Confused Golden Retriever Freezes After Spotting His Human In The Mirror While Playing Hide And Seek

  • By Saif
  • April 15, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Have you ever played Hide and Seek with your pupper?

If you haven’t yet, this hilarious yet cute post is definitely going to make you wanna try it right away! Playing hide and seek is always fun. Whether it’s with your family, friends or even your pets. Although we must admit that it’s even more entertaining when you decide to play it with your pets because their expressions are worth every second of it! Today’s story is a true depiction of why exactly you should play hide and seek with your pets.

Shane and Lindsay hail from Irvine, California and has a 10-month-old Golden Retriever, named Moose. So basically, when it comes to Hide and seek, Moose takes it very seriously. Recently, Shane and Moose were playing Hide and seek and Moose got all confused and thought that his hooman has gotten stuck inside the mirror. He stood there clueless while Shane recorded a video and posted it online which went viral for obvious reasons!

“What’s going on, hooman?”

via: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

So, what happened was, Shane decided to hide behind the door of his bathroom and waited for Moose to find him. A few seconds later, Moose walked inside all excited while searching for Shane and you could tell how excited he was by the wagging of his tail.

“Yikes, a ghost!”

via: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

Moose tried his best to find Shane but couldn’t. Just when he was about to leave the bathroom, Shane passed a little hint by saying “where is he?”. Moose immediately took the hint and came running towards the sink, put his paws on the vanity top and BOOM! He just froze their as if he had seen some ghost.

Moose got all confused trying to figure out what’s going on and how the hell did his owner managed to get stuck inside the mirror. His facial expressions said it all. It was like he’s trying to solve a complicated puzzle or a mystery as you can see in the picture below!

via: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

After a while, Moose figured out what’s happening and successfully solved the big mystery while jumping towards Shane! He knew he had won the game. Although we are still not sure whether dogs understand the concept of reflections and mirrors as they rely mostly on their sense of smell.

Anyways, considering the fact that Moose is just 10 months old, that’s still quite impressive how smart of a pupper he is because he’s still learning new things every day!

via: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10
via: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

Here’s the video clip which went viral all over the internet!

Everyone absolutely loved the video and here’s how they reacted after watching the video!

Well, we hope that you enjoyed the post as well and if you have never played hide and seek with your pet, you are missing out all the fun! It’s never too late to teach them! Let us know how was your experience of playing hide and seek with your pet, in the comments section below.

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