26 Adorable Photos Of Dogs Growing Up With Their Favorite Toys

  • By Malaika
  • June 22, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Dogs are just like babies.

Even when they have grown up and are technically adults, they still somewhat like little adorable babies. And that includes sleeping with their favorite blanket or stuffed toy. While most dogs go through toys as they go through their food. Playing with them vigorously and tearing them apart after a while. That is the life of a dog toy.

However, that does not apply to these doggos. Since they chose their favorite one when they were mere puppies and have stuck with those choices for a long time. Sure, some of these might look a bit haggard but they are still worth playing with. If you want to see cats growing up with there favorite toys, here it is.

Just take a look for yourself by scrolling below.

#1 Don’t take it away from her.

Via mac_is_crack

Izzie the Australian shepherd holding her bear.

#2 Awe, he looks so content with life.

Via furgiandcharli

#3 He is never going to let this toy go.

Via georgialovedog

“My dog with his favorite toy, then & now.”

#4 This is one chonky labrador.

Via a_button_called_labs

#5 ‘This is mine right?’

Via bbflabradors

#6 This ducky will keep him safe.

Via golden

#7 That is true love within his eyes.

Via halleyandcomet

#8 The sheep may be smiling but it is getting squished.

Via oscar

#9 The sweater is even more cuter than the rabbit.

Via georgialovedog

#10 Well, I don’t know what to say.

Via ungdee

At first, I thought it was pug on pug……..on pug. But as it turns out it is a pig on pug on a pig.

#11 ‘Can I keep this mom?’

Via kumothecorgi

#12 Another trio here.

Via barleyboy

#13 Do pugs really like pigs or something?

Via oscar

#14 That dodi is adorable.

Via fibi

#15 The toys face says it all.

Via mostly

#16 Where does the toy start and where does the puppers end?

Via sawyerthegoodboy

#17 Stitch is happy to be her friend.

Via ventusandbagel

#18 ‘Open the door? Pweasee?’

Via nalalathegolden

#19 This little puppy will keep the monkey safe.

Via koobathewhitelab

#20 He can’t sleep without the adorable teddy.

Via bbflabradors

#21 It’s the mini-me version of him.

Via moosethecorgo

Who wouldn’t like to play with essentially themselves right?

#22 Fake it till you make it.

Via goldenputney

#23 Georgia just keeps getting cuter.

Via georgialovedog

#24 The neon green ball is a bit too bright for my tastes.

Via barleyboy

#25 That is the look of pure unadulterated joy.

#26 Another adorable image of Georgia with her favorite toy.

Via georgialovedog

What do you think about these cute puppies choosing their favorite toys and growing up with them? Does your dog do something similar? Or do they throw away the toy after they get bored with it? Comment down below and let us know.


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