Before & After Photos Of Dogs Growing Up Next To Their Owners (50 New Pics)

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  • July 27, 2020
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It’s become a tradition in many places to get a young child a dog for their birthday or at some point. It’s so that they have an ally, a companion, a friend to grow up with, and usually, this becomes a very important thing for the kid. Growing up with an animal, playing together, laughing together, sleeping together, things you can do with the big floofers that are puppies, it’s really good for you. You make memories, and time passes quickly.

As such, before you know it, it’ll have been decades since you got your pet, and that makes looking back memory lane all the more impressive. Here, we have a collection of images, of people with their puppies of all sorts of breeds, growing up together. It might bring a tear to your eye, or it might make you want a puppy of your own, irrespective of how old you are right now. Tell us how you feel at the end of all this!

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#1 He recreated the same photo to say goodbye

Purina did an enlightening article about the benefits!

Although childhood isn’t always easy, having a pet provides constant companionship through the ups and downs. Dogs can be a great source of comfort for kids — even when they’re coming to grips with difficult life lessons. Whenever kids feel sad, angry, or afraid, they can always turn to their pet. Petting and cuddling dogs has also been shown to relieve stress and help people relax.

#2 The First And Last Night With My Pup. Rest In Peace

#3 What fifteen years can do

#4 Only three years

#5 Someone Dear To Me Passed Away Today. This Is My Best Friend Genevieve, On The First Day We Met, And The Last Day

Caring for a dog also encourages a more active lifestyle. Kids with dogs exercise eleven minutes a day more than their non-dog owning peers. That might not sound like a lot, but over a week or month, it really adds up. Many dogs require daily walks or runs and plenty of play time. Those adorable puppy eyes they give you are sure to motivate you — even when you’re not feeling up to it.

#6 A seven year gap

#7 Thirteen years

#8 My Dog And I, 1998 And 2012

#9 11 Years Makes A Big Difference

#10 Before And After

#11 This Is Brandy And I On Her First Birthday, And 14 Years Later On Her Fifteenth

Having a pet is a great way to teach responsibility to kids. Making sure that the family dog has food and water gives children a first glimpse of accountability and obligation. Children also learn empathy and compassion by caring for their pet, while developing a higher level of self-esteem by taking care of their pet-owning responsibilities.

#12 Best Friends Since 1997

#13 The Day We Got Our Puppy, And 11 Years Later

#14 And In Between, 13 Years Of The Best Dog A Kid Could Ever Have

#15 First 9 Months Together

#16 My Dog Midas And Myself After A Decade Together

Studies have found that babies raised in close contact with a pet get sick less often in their first year of life, meaning fewer visits to the doctor’s office. Exposure to pet dander and the microbes that pets carry into the home from the outdoors is suggested to improve babies’ developing immune systems. Research has also found that children who grow up with dogs experience a reduced risk of allergies.

#17 My Best Friend For The Past 15 Years

#18 I Had To Put My First Dog Down After 14 Years Of Wonderful Companionship, Rip Docker

#19 My 15 Year Friendship! Meet Monty

#20 My Lifelong Companion And Friend, 2001 And 2014

#21 My Lifelong Companion And Friend, 2001 And 2014

#22 Just a dog and a girl

#23 Me And My Weenie 13 Years Apart

#24 First Picture To Your Last. You’ve Taught Me So Much, Zoey

#25 The Day We Said Hello And The Day We Said Goodbye

#26 This Is My Old Dog Lucy. She Passed Away At 16

#27 Fourteen years

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of dogs in early childhood is simply that they make children happy! Interaction with animals has been proven to raise levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are the chemical building blocks of positive feelings. All science aside, playing and interacting with dogs is just plain fun — and it’s bound to brighten any kid’s day. Growing up with a dog can enrich the lives of children in so many ways. Having a dog join your family may be one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids.

#28 Dylan Was About 14 Months Old And Kobe Was About 9 Weeks In The First Picture. Now Dylan Is 12 And Kobe Is 11

#29 20 Years Later And Still Goin Strong

#30 Suggested I Drop This Here. Meet Sasha And I, Then And Now

#31 My 16th Birthday Present. I’m 31 Now

#32 From The First Day To The Last, We Were Bestfriends. I’ll Miss You Mikie

#33 We Recreated Our Favourite Photo With Our Dog Of 16 Years Before Putting It To Sleep

#34 Been With Her For 13 Years Now, Not Much Has Changed

#35 Sixteen years

#36 18 Long Years We Spent Together & You’ll Always Be My Best Friend

#37 15 Years Of Friendship (and Counting)

#38 My Dog’s Last Mark On The World. Rip Chica

#39 13 Incredible Years With This Guy

#40 7 Years Of Best Friends

#41 Still My Favorite Christmas Present – My Best Friend For 13 Years

#42 What A Nine Year Friendship Looks Like

#43 Me And Jester, Then And Now

#44 Me And My Dog 15 Years Later

#45 Dog And Little Brother 13 Years Then And Now

#46 Me And My Dog. 1994 And 2016

#47 Me And My Pup 14 Years Later

#48 14 Years Later And We’re Still Best Friends

#49 Fifteen Years Apart To The Day, And She’s Still Going Strong

#50 My Very First And Very Last Day With My Dog, Coco

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