27 Majestic Photos Of Dogs From Underneath

  • By Malaika
  • June 26, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Have you ever wondered what the underside of a dog looks like?

You might be thinking that is a weird thing to wonder about and I will have to agree. However, Someone was curious enough that they decided to start a project about just that. They thought of taking pictures of doggos from the underside. Why? I have no idea.

While we do see the underside of our pets when they are asking for tummy scratches. It is very infrequent. And I never thought I’d say this but the underside of doggos is actually very adorable. I mean who doesn’t like small paws pressing against the glass?

The way they accomplished this is by taking pictures standing under the glass the dog was placed upon. Each and every picture in this project has it’s own unique identity and you can take a look for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Facebook | youtu.be | underlook | getunderlook

#1 ‘What are you doing down there hooman?”

I love the look this dog has on his/her face its so adorable. -AutumnJN

#2 Just a white mop.

While some dogs were playful on the ground, they have completely changed on the glass and stood still like a rock. Others weren’t afraid of standing above, which was easy and fun to work with. -Andrius Burba

#3 Walking on the glass.

#4 It must taste delicious right?

I learned two main things from this sort of animal photography. First, cats think they are gods since people feed, love, and give them homes. Secondly, dogs see human as a god as they feed, love, and give them homes.

Probably you had to read that twice. -Andrius Burba

#5 She is very confused.

#6 Are all of these doggos hungry?

For the Under-dogs project, I have designed a specially manufactured glass table to photograph bigger dogs. After capturing Under-dogs, I decided to go full-time on the following projects of Underlook. -Andrius Burba

#7 What a majestic creature!

Wow looks like those pics of ink dropped into water! Cool. -Jayne Cole

#8 This one is ready to pose.

#9 Such a beautiful doggo.

#10 Just a little tongue blep.

In a way doesn’t it look like someone just threw these dogs in the air and snapped a photo? The perspective here is awesome. -Bobby Beebe

#11 ‘Are those treats I see?’

#12 Playing with your tail.

Dobby! Dobby will miss Harry Potter. -Seasoning

#13 King of the abyss.

I totally feel this would be Batman’s dog. -Bobby Beebe

#14 He can’t understand the glass.

#15 Just a little puppers.

#16 I am pretty sure someone was offering him food.

Holy schizzle, there’s a person under this table looking at me! -Jennifer de Vries

#17 When you’re a literal cloud.

#18 I think I spoke a bit too soon.

“Oh there you are”. -Susann Campbell

#19 He is only being a tiny bit playful.

#20 How can you say no to those adorable eyes?

Looks a bit like Dobby. Such beautiful big, brown eyes! -Lara B

#21 Wag your tail back and forth.

#22 She knows that the camera is there.

Love the perspective of these pictures. But this one is extra nice. The coloring is beautiful and it shows up so effectively from below! Beautiful. -Louise Brigance

#23 The head tilt is making my heart melt.

#24 The long neck is doing her many favors.

Come thru…. impossibly long neck. Tyra Banks wishes… -Bobby Beebe

#25 Entering the gymnastic competition.

I feel like the photograph has some serious glass cleaning skills. Look at that! -Sandra La Madeleine

#26 Ready for a big leap.

#27 This one definitely came from the salon.

Get my good side. -Debra Starr Moon

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