15 “Dogs Doing Drag” That Will Make Your Sides Hurt From Laughing

  • By Admin
  • August 24, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

New day, new dog story! Dogs can always make you laugh with their lovely gestures and silly ones too. Only a real dog owner can vouch for the fact that sometimes having to live with a dog can be overwhelming with all the care that has to be taken and what not. But despite that, they’re nothing but full of love and, in fact, are little goofballs. With their face-licking, tails going nuts, and being the perfect furry friend anyone ever needs in life, dogs are seemingly the best creatures to ever walk on earth.

But for those who don’t own a dog, it is all about fun and laughter. Their dog life experience comes directly from photos and videos that they see online. Now now, we’re not here to bring you down for not having one but we’re here to add more to your fun collection of doggo posts that you love already. Isn’t that exciting?

We’re literally all about that goof-life of dogs and so, we present to you a very special side of dogs that you might’ve never seen before. An Instagram page that goes by the name ‘Dogs Doing Drag‘ is set to make you laugh with the content they have. They go by the slogan ‘Do you have the chops to be America’s first drag dog superstar?’ and we kid you not, these dogs do! They’re the most glamorous and the sassiest dogs you’ve seen in a while. But for right now, we’ve assembled some of the best looks for you here. Check them yourself if you don’t believe us.

1. How your dog be acting when you bought them expensive food once.

via @dogsdoingdrag / @littlelolasunshine

This dog is not up for small talk.

2. When you get hit by your mom and think about leaving the house…but you stay

via @dogsdoingdrag / @meettheinbreds

Ever happened?

3. ‘So you sayin’, I’ve been doin’ that since forever?’

via @dogsdoingdrag / @manny_and_gizmo

You don’t sayyyy!!

4. What I mean when I say ‘I like long walks.’

via @dogsdoingdrag / @boobie_billie

Ain’t nobody asked,”To where?” *win win*

5. We almost forgot coronavirus existed…

via @dogsdoingdrag / @miss.picklesthepug

Netflix really be like: Hey all you cool dogs and puppies..

6. The reason you give yourself when your friends go out without you

via @dogsdoingdrag / @iggyjoey

You heard it right!

7. So much to do but so little desire to do it.

via @dogsdoingdrag / @pugdonut

Uh, I know…

8. Parents waiting for quarantine to end so we can go to school. Meanwhile me:


The whole squad be looking fresh!

Did we sign up for this kinda fun? I don’t think we did. But really, these dogs are doing a pretty good job at making us laugh. We’re glad we stumbled upon these cute little doggos and their drag impressions. Because they’re winning at it!! Keep scrolling, there’s more.

9. ‘Send us your best photo for the records.’ Me: *who looks like this since the quarantine began*

via @dogsdoingdrag / @nudeyrudy_

Zoom call with that face? We can’t even imagine!!!

10. When you want a healthy lifestyle but not ready to let go off those toxic habits.

via @dogsdoingdrag / @whatsjosiewearing

Such weed, Much high!!!

11. Things introverts can’t relate to: Having friends…

via @dogsdoingdrag / @chihuahua_chloe1

No we don’t know what you’re talking about.

12. OK, be calm, breath deeply…You don’t wanna look at th-

via @dogsdoingdrag / @thedivadogmom

We told you not to look at the dress!!

13. Is it too late now to say sorry…

via @dogsdoingdrag / @hollys_amazing_journey


14. When you did something when you were lonely…

via @dogsdoingdrag / @chihuahua_chloe1

None. You’re just an old grandma doggo.

15. When you have a party at night but you are already dressed up at noon…

via @dogsdoingdrag

‘I am 200% ready.’

And we’re 500% loving these dogs drag moments. We always preferred natural looks on pets. But today, we can clearly say: We love dogs in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Makeup or no makeup, we don’t care as long as we’re having fun. And these dogs did not let us down. Even with these looks, they’re the same dogs underneath it. In the end, what matters the most is what’s on the inside. We’d like to know that according to you, which dog won the drag race? And if you have a funny and sassy dog moment to share, we’d love to see.

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