18 Tumblr Posts That Prove Dogs Are The Purest Creatures

18 Tumblr Posts That Prove Dogs Are The Purest Creatures

As we come closer to the end of this year, we can all admit that it has been nothing but tough. It was filled with uncertainty, and kept getting worse. Even when we thought the pandemic was almost over and we’ll be getting out of it, it is now coming back. And that news is not settling in well with us. We could all use some positivity in our lives. Or should we say paw-sitivity!

You have probably already guessed what we’re talking about but let us state the obvious; DOGS! They are known to bring happiness in our lives without even trying. Especially when our day is going a little ruff-er than usual, pun intended, they are always there to cheer us up. These adorable little creatures are our best friends and that, too, for all the right reasons. Doggos keep us mentally refreshed and they also possess the ability to keep us healthy both physically, and emotionally. Try being sad in front of your doggo and watch them leave everything aside (even their favorite toys) just to make you feel better. That is the purest kind of love and you can’t even deny that!

If only the entire world could have doggos as their pets, maybe it’d be a better place to live in. But for those of you who do not, we’ve gathered some amazing pictures of doggos that will surely give you fomo! Apart from that, they will also give you a reason to smile today. So, without further ado, scroll down and enjoy! Just remember, these pictures might make you fall in love with dogs. We warned you!

1. This guy who has the kind of friends we all want

Via surprisedentistry

Alright, not even going to hide my jealousy

2. ‘When one of us needs support,’

Via micdotcom

‘we all WILL be there. Doesn’t matter if it’s crowded!’

3. Big scary dog in a panda hoodie = Not so scary big dog

Via bearie

Is it a panda? Is it a doggo? IZZA PANDOG

4. And everyday we learn something new about this wonderful creature

Via jame7t

Could they get any more cuter than this?

5. The resemblance is uncanny

Via babelady

Good job to whoever drew this!

6. And here we have one of those bear doggos

Via awwww-cute

I want one of those bear doggos


Via natsdorf

Where can we get these? Swear we just want to give them hugs, cuddles, and kisses. Nothing else.

8. All doggos are best doggos!

Via doggosource


9. The proper way to say goodbye

Via hotboyproblems

Wish we didn’t have to say bye at all.

These tumblr posts are so relatable, hilarious, and cute that we don’t want them to end. Wish there was an endless thread or something about doggos that we can keep scrolling through. Imagine how happy that would make us! But, the good thing here is that these aren’t the only pictures we have collected for you. There are more to go so keep scrolling!

10. Doggos love rain!

Via humorstar

How adorable is this!!

11. Hooman, I can not move.

Via catchymemes

Guess we will have to stay here furr-ever.

12. Angwy?

Via fyeahcanines-blog

NOPE! I’m a cutie! – This doggo.

13. The world where there is no homophobia and the doggo is the flower girl.

Via penguinssonamor

Ahhh, yes! It’s finally becoming a better place to live in.

14. And it’ll keep increasing.

Via lilboreddev-blog

Until every single person reblogs.

15. Everybody loves doggos

Via cuteawwpets

Here is another example of that.

16. This perfect dog doing his job right!

Via drovie

They are so pure and innocent. Can’t even deal with all these emotions!

17. Literally all of us when we see doggos

Via babyanimalgifs

Alright, but, that’s an amazing suit.

18. When what you think actually comes true.

Via tilthat

And it’s 1000 percent better if it’s related to a service dog.

Our hearts are filled with love and our eyes with tears. These were some of the purest dog posts and we wonder why we never came across them before. But, guess it’s always better late than never. What did you think of these posts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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