26 Wise Dogs And Pups Who Deserve To Be Named Good Boys Of The Year

26 Wise Dogs And Pups Who Deserve To Be Named Good Boys Of The Year

There are some things we wish our dogs would just quit doing, such as tipping the trash can, or chewing the furniture etc. Similarly, there are some things we wish our doggies should improve such as not ignoring our commands, not pulling on the leash and many more. You may even end up telling your dog to “stop it” or “no” more times than “good boy/girl”, and it is highly probable that you’d get annoyed by your dog’s behavior. But, do you ever stop to give your dog acknowledgment for the a huge number of things it gets right each day?

Unfortunately, we’re snappy to address our dogs when they make mistakes, which implies that we regularly pass up recognizing the many right decisions they make as they explore our reality. This leaves a praise vacuum. Dogs get consideration from us when they do an inappropriate thing, however their day by day good attributes go unrecognized. We should try and appreciate our dogs more for the positive behaviors they do. Your dogs need appreciation! You need to focus on the good behaviors they do, and positively reinforce those behavior.

In this articles we have a bunch of doggos that are being appreciated and acknowledged for their good deeds. Scroll below and see!

1. Lets cuddle and celebrate our brotherhood!

A hug from a good friend makes everything okay.

2.  I would risk anything for those chicken nuggets!

Patience is virture.

3.  “I’m so sneaky, you’ll never find me.”

4. “A skater (good) boy”

5. “Hi, we’re all excellent boys!”

These babies are a delight to look at!

6. Shopping is her favorite hobby!

Shopping is really exciting especially when you get to buy your favorite treats!

7. Hey hooman, I got you a flower!

8. “Move over, kids, it’s my turn on the swings!”

Oh, so this is what all the fuss was about?

9. Yet again, the dog steals the show!

They said I could be anything so I became a sta-chooo.

10. The most gentlest way of eating.

This dogo knows how to eat a watermelon in a very sophisticated way.

11. Smollest and cutest baby.

12. What I actually mean when I say I will have only “one slice” of pizza.

That’s exactly how we all feel about pizza, doggo.

13.  “Happy birthday to the fluffiest boy, Mowgli!”

14. The kind of positive reinforcements every dog needs!

We are all proud of ‘ya!!

15. This is a dog sign-language for “love”


16. “I present to you, a really proud ’avo-doggo’.”

17. “Charlie totally aced his report card.”

Seems like Charlie is a very good boy! Look at his ‘I’m-proud-of-myself’ smile! *heart eyes*

18. “It’s Friday!! Pawtyyy time!!”

19. “He loves his portrait.”

Who has the most amazing portrait in the house? MEE MEE!

20. This sweet dogo know sharing is caring and is happy to share his bed, even with a cat!

21. “Ramsey’s new favourite toy is Nemo”

22. “Feed me, human! Pretty please?”

Can’t you see me being a good doggo?

23. “A wise good boy at heart.”

24. “Don’t freak out hooman, we just had a mud bath!!”

Our cuteness will make you forgive us, right?

25. A complete family photo!

The best best man!

26. “Boomer, also known as Vincent Van Dog”

Boomer has some amazing drawing skills!

We think every dog deserves the “Dog of the year” award. Which dog do you think deserves it the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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