Pit Bull Invites Pregnant Stray Cat Into His House & Adopts Her Babies

  • By Saif
  • January 3, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Are you one of those who think pitbull’s are ferocious dogs, right? Well, let’s change that!

Dogs are incredible creatures and this world would definitely not be the same without their existence. We get to learn so much from them about loyalty, love, friendship and care. Our adorable puppers would love us unconditionally without even expecting anything in return. They would protect us with their lives. They would cheer us up whenever we are down. There are countless reasons that make us fall in love with them. However, today’s article is something very interesting. When you hear that someone has a pitbull, you’d immediately think of that pupper as a ferocious dog because we love to stereotype, don’t we?

Well, regardless of the breeds, dogs are extremely lovely and adorable animals. Some of them might appear all ruthless and ferocious but in their heart, they are nothing but good boys and today’s story is one of those “good boys” who did one of the kindest deeds one can ever imagine! On another note, cats and dogs are supposed to be enemies, right? Nope, you’re wrong. It’s nothing like that. This story is going to change even that perception of yours. Anyways, without any further delays, let’s continue towards the story that we have brought for you today.

Meet Hades!

Hades resides with his owner, Juan Jose P. Flores in Mexico and people would often misjudge Hades by his appearance. As narrated by Flores, a stray cat would often visit his neighbourhood and he would leave food for her to make sure she doesn’t get hungry. However, Flores was never able to get close to the cat as she probably didn’t trust humans enough. Hades kept on observing his owner being all kind and what he did next was incredibly hard to believe!

One fine afternoon, Flores was chilling at his home and he heard a knock at the back door where his pupper would usually play. At first, Flores thought that it must be a person but it turned out to be Hades on the door. He wanted to share something with his owner and he made Flores follow him towards his doghouse.

What Flores saw next left him astonished! Hades pointed towards his doghouse and showed him that he had invited a guest inside and here’s the little guest!

It turned out to be a pregnant stray cat who was ready to give birth. So, Hades decided to give her a shelter while she roamed around in the streets in her fragile condition. Upon seeing this act of kindness, Flores made sure that the invited guest feels comfortable and gets whatever she needs.

After a few days passed, the cat went into the labour and Hades, he stood by her side all along! According to Flores, “He dragged a blanket over to the entrance of his house and settled outside the door,”

Oh my, how adorable is that pupper! Juan must be a proud father!

Anyway, Juan decided to name the kitty “Nicol” and Nicol ended up giving birth to two beautiful kittens! To ensure their safety, Juan decided to move the mom and her babies into his house along with Hades. Not it was evident that Nicol and Hades shared an exceptional bond which would last a lifetime. The duo would spend quality time together whenever Nicol would be free from looking after her kittens.

Here’s a picture of Nicol and her adorable kitten!

Surprisingly, Hades doesn’t mind looking after the kittens and caring about them. Juan started to suspect that Hades considers himself as the father of the kittens. Although plans to find a forever home for the little kittens whenever the time comes but right now, he’s sure that he would never even try to separate the soulmates, Nicol and Hades.

Now, how about a picture of Juan and Hades posing together?

Juans must be a proud proud father! What a cute picture!

Here’s a picture of Hades sleeping peacefully being all satisfied with himself! Awww what a cutie!

Now as we reached the end of the post, we hope that your perception about Pitbulls would have changed because it doesn’t matter how they appear to be, it matters what lies in their beautiful hearts! Let us know what did you think of this story into the comments section below and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends!

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