Dog Gets A New Rocking Hairstyle Every Day While His Humans Are Working From Home

  • By Saif
  • April 25, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

If you’re having a hard time during the lockdown, get yourself a pup!

As the whole world struggles to fight the pandemic and people are confined to their homes, it’s definitely not easy to just forget about the outside world and stay caged within the boundaries of your house BUT if you own a dog, you are more likely to get through your lockdown days happily and easily. Our fluffers are one of the biggest blessings in our lives and their beautiful presence makes our lives less miserable and you simply cannot deny that!

Today, we have come up with a story of a huge pupper who gets a new hairstyle every day as the owners are working from home. The story is about a 3.5 years old Newfoundland pup who goes by the name of Hank. So, Hank is one of the fluffiest pups you’d ever seen and the owners knew exactly what to do with it! Every day, the owners would give a new and unique hairstyle to their pup, Hank, and it’s certainly a treat to watch! So, let’s scroll down and see different shades of Hank;

Source – Instagram

1. Check out this cool punk!

2. Studying paw law isn’t easy at all!

3. This is… a vampire?

4. Flower boy!

5. Hank Scissorpaws

6. Accio pancakes!

7. Rap king!

8. Hank joins the space race.

9. Skater boi!

10. Check out that earing!

We bet you haven’t seen anything as unique as this, have you? Maybe the owners were extremely bored or either they are too creative but well, we are loving every hairstyle on this cutest fluffball! Keep scrollin’ because there are more pictures coming up ahead!

11. Our very own Hank Forest! *wink wink*

12. Who needs a Siri when you’ve got Hank!

13. “Call me now for your free tarot card reading!”

14. Wolverine, is that you!?

15. Self-care is a must!

16. The black pearl

17. Hank the cook!

18. Hank has been with the dinosaurs too!

19. Hank, the manager of home office relations

20. Just going out on a date!

21. Emo pupper!

22. Metal rock!

And the post ends here but we hope you’ve had a great time while looking at these unique and different hairstyles that were given to Hank! We’d love to know how are you spending your lockdown period with your puppers? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!




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