Cutest Ever Kittens To Brighten Up Your Day

Cutest Ever Kittens To Brighten Up Your Day

Cats are known to be ferocious. They are moody, and bossy. Everything should be done their way, otherwise you’d never hear the end of it. They’ll keep meowing until you finally give in. All they want to do is sleep, eat, break things, and just chill out. That’s what most of us think, right? Even the cat lovers.

But that’s not completely true. Cats are actually sweethearts, if they want to be. They’ll come to you and give you kisses by licking you, or just sit on your lap, put their paws on you, etc. This really is just their way of showing love and affection. Apart from that, they are really cute and good at entertaining. Actually, their cuteness is the real entertainment. Their cute tiny paws, the odd sleeping positions, big dooey eyes, fluffy fur, weird shenanigans, all this and so much more. How could we not love them?

If you don’t believe us, let us prove how adorable and cute cats really are. You won’t be able to resist. Take a look at these wonderfully amazing cats that are too cute to handle;

1. Are you trying to eat yourself little one?

Lickity lick them smol paws.

2. But.. but.. My sissy said it’s okay if I just put my face in the bowl.


3. Peek-a-boo.

Who can’t not love these eyes. Wow!

4. Ready to attack in 3…2…1.

Ouch! Attacked right in our hearts.

5. This adorable kitten was born with a mustache!!

Cant. Contain. The. Happiness!

6. Someone forgot to feed the kitty.

So, this one just decided to eat its own paw!

7. This isn’t your ordinary kitten.

This one here, is a karate kitten. Here to defend the world with her extraordinary skills.

8. “We Found Him Crying All Alone In The Grass. He Was Only Two Weeks Old And Malnourished. This Was Taken After We Removed All The Ticks And Fleas And Gave Him A Bath”

Now look at this baby shining.

9. This is how this cats’ baby photoshoot turned out…

All curled up on its own.

10. This one black beauty…

No bad luck with this black kitty for sureee.

11. The devil baby just wants to say Hi.

Wonder what he does when everyone’s asleep.

12. All cat owners know whats uppp.

Clingy love is allll we need at times.

13. Meow you doin’?

Ughhh stole our heart with that roll over.

14. Who ordered this kitty meal?

Looks delicious, regardless.

15. Such a smol curly wurly kitty cat.

Totally cuddly we feel.

16. Isn’t this a very beautiful cuddle buddy?

The softness can be felt through the screen. *faints*

17. I love me some kiwis.

Especially when my cat looks like one.

18. ‘So, is this how you humans stand?’

Quite straight forward for a cat.

19. Looks like someone is up for a staring contest.

Don’t know about you, but we are. With this cutie, any day any time.

20. The cutest teary eyed cat.

Those paws are to die for.

21. Got the resting position juuuuuuuust right.

This kitten might be getting tickled after.

22. Some one decided to go extra for Halloween…

‘There’s always a wild side to an innocent face’. We can tell.

23. Hey, hold the paw too.

Anything for you Snow White.

24. ‘I didn’t do it, Mom’.

We’d be really mad if you didn’t believe THAT face.

25. Meet meatball.

Hes well-rounded, to say the least.

26. When fluffy kitten meets sunlight and bubbles.

What a feast to the eyes.

27. This one is killing us.

Perfect size to be placed in our hearts.

28. The perfect Purrr-ito

We’re always hungry for some.

29. Too tiny to be true…

That innocent face can do wonders.

30. This cat seems to enjoy its own company.

We take self love verrryy importantly here.

Looks like you’re enjoying these cute images of cats so far. These cats haven’t failed to give us the giggles or stop aww-ing for the shortest of time. We hope you are, too. As much as we love our cat moments, we also love sharing them with you to spread happiness. So why stop? Keep scrolling, you might find ‘the one’ to fall in love with.

31. What a Meow-gical looking cat!

Fell in love at first sight.

32. When you’re not done eating your food and you hear desserts up next…

Just licking the paws to start clean.

33. A heart for a nose?

Its unfair for this cat to be so cute, fur real.

34. Don’t look at us with those eyes…

… or that face. Its beyond adorable.

35. Someones a little too excited to be out today

Yep. This kitten right here.

36. So freaking adorable!

In case you didn’t notice it has got a little milk mustache.

37. We present to you the delicious beautiful chocolate cat…

We sense a lot of naughtiness around this cat.

38. Elsa, is that you?

Cuz we are definitely frozen by the look of those eyes.

39. This has to be the cutest thing you’ll see on internet.

You’d be lying if you disagree.

40. If ‘zero cares in the world’ had a face…

This cat would’ve already achieved it effortlessly.

41. They said you could be anything you wanted.

‘So I tried to be a gymnast’ -This cat.


Pretty Claw-some huh?

43. This stole our hearts right away.

Precious Kit!

44. ‘Don’t leave just yet’

The cats have their way of keeping us under their love spell.

45. ‘Whatcha looking at?’

We know it’s hard to look away.

Yup, you heard ’em kitties say it. Don’t leave. You’re almost there. Just a few more till you’re fully drenched in love. So stick along as you make your way through some extra cute and lovable moments of these creatures that we totally adore.

46. *Squeaks*

Its probably dreaming of fresh protein. or fairies. We can’t tell.

47. This cat is such a stunner!

We almost swooned over this beauty.

48. ‘Whats the most comfortable way to sleep?’… This.

And definitely not Ugg-ly.

49. If a lion and a cat were to have a baby…

We’re paw-sitive it would come out looking like that.

50. Your charger isn’t too hot…

As long as your cat enjoys it.

51. The purr-fect family doesn’t exi-

Yeah, we thought so too 😉

52. When you can’t work because your cat slept ON your work.

Wonder what the cat did before sleeping.

53. When you admire your crush from afar.

Lucky for us, our crush is right here.

54. Look at this fluffy baby bear who made it to the list.

Duuuude, you have got to be kitten me!

55. Now would you look at that face…

A very playful kitty indeed.

56. ‘You can’t take your cat everywhere with you!!!’.

You bet…

57. No place is ever too comfortable for this cat.

Life would’ve been easier if we could achieve this level of comfort.

58. High-fiving has never been this cute.

Hello hooman, don’t keep him waiting too long.

59. A very charming cotton ball.

We have a soft spot for our blue-eyed kitties.

60. Coz one is never enough.

Cuteness comes in all kinds and shades.

Now that you’ve made it till here, we’re hopeful that you’ve got what you came here for in the first place *fingers crossed*. Cats aren’t just cats. They have the ability to look cute…angry…sad…suspicious…did we mention cute? and can even make puppy faces at us. Amazing, right? They’ve got fur that’s pleasing to touch, meows that are relaxing to the ears, and their whole selves that is essential for our hearts. All of this combined can turn our world upside down that these creatures in our arms. Is there anything else that we need? Truly speaking, that’s all we want. And if you’re convinced then don’t forget to share your thoughts and tell us what your favorite cat moment was in the comments section below!

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