College Kid Hunts Down Their Cat After Parents Secretly Gave Away Behind Their Back

  • By Hashir
  • August 15, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

From the day our little felines become a part of our life, we can’t imagine a single day without them. We become so emotionally attached to our cats that even the thought of them going away someday brings tears to our eyes. We become so accustomed to their habits and behaviours that it doesn’t bother us anymore if they decide to go ninja on us or wake us at 3:00 am or ignore us when we call their name.

Nothing in the world can make us love our four-legged balls of fur any less. With time, however, we grow old, graduate high school and now it’s time for us to move into the college dormitory and we can not take our furry little sweetheart with us. It’s time we say goodbye to them for about 4 years and until then they can live with our parents in their custody. However, not all parents are happy to keep them, they try to get rid of them as soon as possible. While we’re in our dorm trying to settle in, our parents back home are trying to look for suitable new owners for the cat. This is exactly what happened in this story shared by one of the Reddit users, but it doesn’t have a sad ending to it. Scroll down to find out what happened exactly.

This is cruel right off the bat.

A little background of the parent-child relationship.

Some parents think that being strict and abusive will make their kids well-mannered. Unfortunately, it only does more damage than any good. By constantly tormenting kids, parents only make them rebellious. The kids may keep up with their parents’ behaviours for some time but not forever. There comes a day when the kid is done taking sh*t. So, they pack their bags and leave. It’s better to surround yourself with people who listen to you, help you become the best version of yourself and love you. Love nourishes our soul and helps us achieve great success.

It’s better to move away than surround yourself with abusive people.

This is sad, extremely sad. You can give away the furniture or old clothes without asking but a cat is a living being. Not an object placed on the coffee table. How can anyone give away their child’s cat knowing just how much they’re attached? Such parents have no regard for their children.

The best approach was to call your kid and ask for permission to give away.

This just made our hearts happy.

Spotty is such an adorable cat.

Looks like some people had been through the same.

It absolutely sucks!

It was heartbreaking indeed.

Cats deserve to be spoiled with love. They are the best.

We feel sorry to hear about your cat buddy.

Kittys for the win.

Did it happen with you too? Did your parents get rid of your beloved feline while you were away? Please share your story with us in the comments below.

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